‘Victor’: Atmospheric Film Set in 1960s Brooklyn, Another Step Forward for Faith-Based Genre

Note: After reading his review of "Victor," the author invites you to learn more...
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Kevin Eastman, Co-Creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Talks New Kickstarter Project ‘Drawing Blood: The Story Behind the Stories’

Kevin Eastman, the man who co-created the fondest memories of my childhood (Teenage Mutant Ninja...
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WWE Superstar Elias Samson Talks Music, Nashville, Wrestling and Monday Night RAW

WWE is coming back to my beloved home in Nashville, Tennessee for a live episode of...
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NatGeo’s ‘Genius’ Finale – Christian Review: A Moving Humanization of Einstein

The ever-expanding legend of Albert Einstein has made another splash in pop culture with NatGeo's...
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Cars 3 – Christian Movie Review

[Parent's Content Advisory at bottom of review. Though this film is G-rated, so it's very...
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The Mummy – Christian Movie Review

[Parent's Content Advisory at bottom of review.] Note: After reading his review of "The Mummy,"...
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‘Wash My Sins’ – A Poem by Writer & Prison Inmate-Turned-Christian Phillip Bailey

I watch the passing of the years, Oh those lonely years the fly by my prison window, I count out...
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Stuart Hazeldine, Director of ‘The Shack,’ Talks God, Visual Storytelling & Adapting the Popular Book

"The Shack," in its novel and movie form, tells the story of a grieving man who receives a...
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Wonder Woman – Christian Movie Review

[Parent's Content Advisory at bottom of review.] Note: After reading his review of "Wonder Woman,"...
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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales – Christian Movie Review

[Parent's Content Advisory at bottom of review.] Note: After reading his review of "Pirates of the...
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National Geographic’s ‘Genius’ Series – Christian Review of Episodes 1 and 2

Note: This reviews extends only to Ep. 1 and 2, but there are many more episodes after 1 and 2 as...
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New Novel ‘Tyrant’ Brings Plight of Early Christians, Terrifying Reign of Nero to Vivid Life

Brian Godawa's thrilling new novel, Tyrant: Rise of the Beast kickstarts a new series, Chronicles...
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‘LA 92’ Review – Stunning New Documentary on the LA Riots of 1992

To put it simply, LA 92 (which premiers Sunday 4/30 at 9/8 Central on the National Geographic...
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Faith Dilemmas

Today, in one of my daily devotionals I was reading about our sin debt and how it can only be paid...
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Hannah Kerr’s Debut Album ‘Overflow’ Takes You on a Powerful Journey

Not every consumer understands this, but when he or she picks up a new album, book, or DVD,...
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‘Silence’ Martin Scorsese Masterpiece on Blu-Ray 3/28 with In-Depth Bonus Content

Martin Scorsese's 28-year passion project, "Silence," which doubles, in my opinion, as a moving...
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Why I Loved New Film ‘The Gospel of Mark’ (and Why It Is a Must-See)

I have to be careful about my reviews of Jesus movies. When NatGeo did "Killing Jesus" I gave it a...
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Fan of Denzel Washington’s ‘Fences’? The New Blu-Ray Version Has Impressive Content (and More in This Christian Movie Review)

Denzel Washington's new film Fences, though quite intense in certain ways and only appropriate for...
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Fireflight’s Dawn Michele Talks New EP ‘Re-Imag-Innova’

Fireflight has put a very unique acoustic spin on their last album INNOVA. The alternative metal...
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An Evening with C. S. Lewis at Shafter Colours

There's nothing like coming back to your hometown after a long separation, especially when said...
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