‘Same Kind of Different As Me’: Trailer Released for New Renée Zellweger Movie That Faith-Based Audiences Will Love

Before I dive into a film I’m very excited about, a new Renée Zellweger film (three cheers,...
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Fragile World – Christian Movie Review

[Parent’s Content Advisory at bottom of review.] From IMDB, the plot for Fragile World:...
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Highlands Worship Releases Album ‘Here I Surrender’

Sometimes going back to music I know well and using it as a reference helps me understand and...
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Jason Bourne – Christian Movie Review

[Parent’s Content Advisory at bottom of review.] Jason Bourne has always been one of my...
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Charlie Daniels New Album ‘Night Hawk’ Review

Mr. Charlie Daniels hits the nail on the head with his new contribution ‘Night Hawk,’...
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‘Killing Reagan’ Trailer Released (And So Was John Hinckley, Jr.)

As a child of the eighties, I have a nostalgic fascination for that era and all of its political...
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Phillips, Craig & Dean Celebrate 25-Year Career with New Tour and Album This Fall

“Hymns and Psalms” First Hymns Record for Trio Nashville, TN (July 18, 2016) —- This year...
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How Psalm 40 Wrecked Me

A recent pastor’s conference in New Jersey has inspired me to get back into verse...
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The Secret Life of Pets – Christian Movie Review (& Why the Film Was a Let Down)

Did you like the trailer for “The Secret Life of Pets”? I did too. Unfortunately, the...
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The BFG Christian Movie Review: ‘Roald Dahl’s Love Letter to His Lost Daughter’

[Parent’s Content Advisory at bottom of review. Also, a big hat tip to Edwin Turner and his...
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The Shallows – Christian Movie Review

[Parent’s Content Advisory at bottom of review.] Last week the fish were hilarious and...
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The Rubyz: A Jewel in the Christian Pop World

The tween years can be some of the most uncertain, unnerving, and (for some) scarring times of...
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Next: What to Do When You Know There’s Something More

Adonis Lenzy’s new book “Next: What to Do When You Know There’s Something...
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A Morning at RePapel

There are a lot of travel options out there, but when we discovered the new Fathom cruise line, I...
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Jason Gray Shares His Heart Behind New Album ‘Where the Light Gets In’

I recently had the chance to interview recording artist Jason Gray, who just released his new...
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Why Bono Really Needs to Listen to Jason Gray’s Amazing (and Honest) New Album

First a confession: U2 and Bono have been on my mind because I just finished writing a book about...
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Finding Dory – Christian Movie Review

[Parent’s Content Advisory at bottom of review.] So what was one of the best parts of...
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A Music Theory Analysis of ‘One’ by U2 (And Why It Is So Powerful)

Can Two Guitar Chords Speak Truth (Without Lyrics) [Editor’s Note: This article is a...
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows – Christian Movie Review

[Parent’s Content Advisory at bottom of review.] The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are back,...
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5 Quick Tips for Playing Brass or Woodwinds in Worship Bands

5 Quick Tips For… Playing Brass or Woodwinds in Worship Bands Although this article is...
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