Phillip Bailey, a prisoner in the California corrections system who has found a deep faith in Christ while in prison

I watch the passing of the years, Oh those lonely years the fly by my prison window,

I count out the tears, Oh the tears that soak a sodden pillow,

It was the crystal shards that were my fiery fate of hell and untold sorrow. How many woes can one person barrow?

I cried out to the Lord–“Oh the pain!” Save me from myself, Father, and make me sane.

My faith used to be that of a tree without shade. Saved now that the demons are gone, this is how I prayed…

Lord you are the only begotten one; the truth, the light, the Son.

If it be your will, come make me whole.

Turn my life around, and save my soul.

Prison doors and addiction are no match for you;

You filled my heart, gave me hope and made me new.

Passing on love to my fellow man; It’s these things I’ve learned, and surely your plan.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit we pray.

It could only have been you, who washed my sins away.



Phillip Bailey #BB9184

PO Box 600 D-133

Tracy, CA 95378-0600

Phillip welcomes any and all correspondence at this time if you would like to fellowship and converse with and encourage–and be encouraged by–a fellow Christian.