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Actors, Models & Talent for Christ (AMTC)

Actors, Models & Talent for Christ (AMTC)

The Truth, the Myths, and the Facts About Actors, Models & Talent for Christ (AMTC)

Although AMTC has been around for over thirty years, only several years ago I noticed their ad campaigns searching for Christian actors, models and entertainers. Recently I noticed large highway billboards. As an entertainer, I was curious. I went to my old friend Google, and began to scan the web to discover a wide range of opinions, from loved them to utter hatred! The polarization was too far apart, to believe the legitimacy of many comments I contacted AMTC Executive Director, Adam She. I specifically directed my questions toward the music industry, preparing him for difficult questions.

AMTC is large and growing… offering an extensive look into the world of entertainment in the 21st century. This is an opportunity for anyone who ponders the “What If” question! What if I give it my best shot, “What if” I never try! Adam stated; “The approach of AMTC is to focus beyond the talent of singer, songwriter or musician, but to cross-train them in the development of an entire personal package.”

Adam specifically mentioned American Idol contestant Tim Urban of season nine. “Tim was not the greatest singer, but made it to seventh place. Why… his look, styling, humility, and personality – he had the entire package! That is the focus of Actors, Models & Talent for Christ!” “Today’s entertainers must be more than just singers and songwriters, they must be well-rounded. AMTC will develop your look, stage presence, styling and song choice selection (specific to genre), interviewing skills, as well as expose you to acting and modeling opportunities. We want to give performers marketability so they may have the largest potential sphere of influence.”

This statement poses a philosophical question – Christians considering fame and fortune. As Christians, we are called to live in the world, but not be of the world. Mr. Adam She admits some clients struggle with the pursuit of fame. He said “by gaining fame, or influence we get the opportunity to reach people in the mainstream.” He was specific to note “not everyone who enters the program is seeking fame. Some come with the humble desire to hone their skills for positions in the church, ministry or anywhere God leads them.”

I read several websites speaking poorly about AMTC. I directly addressed their allegations… What about the internet critics who claim the company is a rip-off, and that some of the industry professionals receive compensation for their inclusion into the program? Adam quoted part of Luke 6:26… “Woe unto you, when all men shall speak well of you!” AMTC considers the attacks as a badge of honor. “The final training segment preceded by their Bridge training program is called The Shine Event — a who’s who of 50 to 100 top industry professionals who are barely compensated for their costs… only travel, lodging and a small food per diem. These professionals attend Shine to discover talent. No one would take six days out of a busy schedule to be minimally compensated; they come to find talent, but also because they believe in our mission.” AMTC offers live auditions at locations around the US, and online auditions at no cost. They require all participants to complete an online application/questionnaire which provides insight into your personal goals. Once accepted, you can expect to receive a daily devotion and expect to be tutored by coaches required to reflect a Christian spiritual foundation.

Here is my summary of the interview. I asked difficult questions, and I believe Adam was honest and straight forward. Their skills guidance is not cheap… several thousand. Many websites will instruct you to never pay to find opportunities. They claim any legitimate company should only take a percentage for the work they find, not an entrance fee. I agree in most cases…I disagree here.  AMTC is a training ground providing a service. They introduce people to large stage, high pressure auditions, and will introduce you to industry professions. They do not provide work, nor do they contractually bind you to artists contracts beyond their training. Any contract or work offered from the attending industry professionals are between you and them. AMTC does offer ministry, military and family discounts. Additionally, scholarships are given to those who qualify based on merit, financial need, and/or life circumstances. They have a very large organization, designed to offer an extensive look into a very complex and sophisticated industry.

Running a business is not cheap; I think the cost is justifiable. Here is your line of caution… American Idol has no shortage of contestants who are delusional when it comes to a personal self-evaluation of talent. Just because you have a burning desire for success as an entertainer, doesn’t guarantee you have the talent to make the big time. Actors have a much better chance of success than musical artists. Actors of all types are always needed. Casting Directors want a specific look and a personality when casting. They may be searching for beautiful, over-weight, or quirky… super stardom doesn’t matter. I think AMTC could benefit actors with the casting and interview process. Don’t know much about modeling so I will reserve comment. However, since some who audition may discover opportunities in modeling, I asked Adam to offer a statement concerning their position in the modeling world… Adam replied; “We started thirty-one years ago as a modeling event. Honestly, there’s probably no better source in the country for modeling development than AMTC. Between acting, modeling, singing and dance, modeling may be most in need of positive role models.”

Don’t be afraid to shine for Christ… Matthew 5:15 – …Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. My research revealed that AMTC clients can, and do benefit from the education received. Not everyone has what it takes to make it. Perhaps that’s the reasoning behind the skeptics I discovered on some websites, perhaps its the costs of attendance. If you are truthful and reasonable about your skills, then refine the talent God has given you in all opportunities. Always pray for God’s will, reflect Him in everything you do! Also, if you’re an aspiring actor, be sure to read our interview with Christian actor Tichina Arnold in which she gives fantastic advice for young actors thinking of giving Hollywood a shot — whether in secular or Christian film productions. She has had leading and award-winning supporting roles in TV shows and movies with Martin Lawrence, Chris Rock, John Travolta, Owen Wilson and many others, and she has invaluable advice to offer. Until Next Time… Those Who Say the Sky’s The Limit, Are Blinded by the Sky! Abbie Stancato CEO/Founder – Rockin’ God’s House Ecumenic Entertainment – Copyright 2013

Written by Abbie Stancato

A Proud Christian, Owner & CEO of Ecumenic Entertainment Inc. Music Producer, BMI Registered Songwriter, Music & Worship Director. Finally, Happily Married Father of Two!Website:

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Comments (21)

  1. Mike Biddle says:

    I believe Luke 6:26 is likely referencing people in positions of power such as celebrities who often surround themselves with people who will never confront them about something they are doing wrong. I personally don’t see how this applies to consumer complaints. You can’t ever keep everyone happy, but that doesn’t mean some complaints aren’t valid.

  2. Kate says:

    I’m a working actress, for the past 22 years, in film, theater and audio-books. I have never paid anyone for access or grooming:
    For shame using Christianity in this way.

  3. Adam She says:

    As Executive Director of AMTC (Actors, Models and Talent for Christ) please allow me to set the record straight on the the comments made thus far.

    I’m in agreement with you on your interpretation of Luke 6:26. There are many layers of Truth in the Word of God. Spiritual attack is promised to those that truly stand and follow Jesus Christ. When attacks come, we are told to ‘count it blessing and joy and be exceedingly glad’ – a tremendous challenge.

    Only after becoming ‘for Christ’ were we faced with major opposition.

    Case and point, AMTC did not become ‘for Christ’ until our 25th year in existence.
    (See history link – http://www.amtcworld.com/about-us/our-history)

    Our services and fees were very similar to what they are now. 2 main differences: 1. Our focus on Christ and His great commission was not yet realized. 2. We had very few skeptics and(or) opposition – things were much easier

    For more details see our Annual Report online http://www.amtcworld.com/about-us/financial-accountability

    AMTC is 501c3 non profit ministry with an additional designation as a 509a2, meaning AMTC receives more than 1/3 of it’s support from membership fees, gifts and grants. The BBB made a mistake by categorizing us as 501c3 without the addition designation as 509a2 thus making accreditation impossible because we were being held to the wrong set of standards. Our status is now “pending” with BBB, as they must assign AMTC to a new dept. that can better assist with the proper compliance standards. Had the above comment not been made, there may have been a much longer delay in finding this error. Thank you very much for bringing this to light,

    I don’t know of any successful performer that has not paid for some form of coaching or development. Furthermore, those performing at the highest level of their craft almost always maintain paid stylists. The right ‘look’ is vital to being marketable from an Industry stand point. It’s equally important to ministry. Even renowned pastors and preacher have a certain style they maintain as part of their walk in the world. Excellent materials are also required – headshot, reel, demo…all of these things are tangible items that have inherent cost.

    In my experience, lack of understanding in how to market talent and lack of fellowship are the missing ingredients for most aspiring performers. For instance, a guy auditioned for AMTC 2 weeks ago. He came having just graduated with a masters degree in acting. His question to us was reasonable. “I have a master degree in acting. In what way is your teaching going to enhance what I have leaned.” Our response, “We cannot begin to trump what you have learn in your experience as for as the craft of acting. What we do is teach you how to properly market yourself with the knowledge and skills you have acquired”. His response, “ah ha! makes sense, I never learned that in all my years of schooling. They simply don’t teach that”.

    All the knowledge in the world anyone anywhere if the right application is not put into place. Wisdom is the ability to to apply knowledge effectively. Jesus tells us to be wise as serpent and innocent as doves. Christians need more wisdom in how they live and work in the world -especially in the Entertainment Industry.

    Why? Because it has the farthest reach and greatest impact on our culture. It’s clear bad is bold. So, good must stand up, stand out and BE BOLDER! Media is the only platform that allows us to literally spread the good news of Jesus Christ to those that have not yet heard all over the world.

    We cannot do it alone. We must be in fellowship with the shepherd and the sheep. In this Industry, it’s all about what you know and who you know. We believe the Who starts with Jesus and those He puts in our contact.

    With joy and appreciation,

  4. Laura Poore says:

    As someone who actually went through the entire AMTC program, I can tell you that it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life…and CONTINUES to bless me even 3 years later!! The training I got, the relationships made, the industry connections it gave me, the follow-up advice team I still have access to….the list goes on and on! Thank you to Rocking God’s House for such an awesome article and for sharing the truth about the heart and the ministry of AMTC- it continues to change lives every day, and I would wish for anyone to have the same incredible opportunity I did to go through!! #AMTCgrad 2011

  5. Maggie says:

    I attended AMTC in both 2008 and 2009. I can honestly say that it was one of the most incredible opportunities I have ever had. They genuinely care for their performers, and that is SO evident.
    Everything they claim is authentic and God honoring. Instead of speculating or listening to those who are not familiar with the ministry, attend an audition, visit the website or speak to someone who has walked through the program :)

  6. Kathryn says:

    Yeah, I think this would be a great experience, I just wish it was cheaper. Today I went to St. Louis to audition for AMTC, but we learned about what we would be getting into and I unfortunately wasn’t able to do it. Instead of using the money of clients, why not raise funds in a different way? I feel like that would be more God honoring. I can’t afford this at all. I’m a highschool student. I have to pay for that. I need braces. That’s something that will cost over 5,000 dollars. Both my parents are working and even that can’t pay for even my braces. I would have loved to do this, but I couldn’t.

    I bet a lot of the people God would love to have trained for this kind of stuff don’t because it’s just too much money.

  7. Dinitia Sutton says:

    If an Agency ever wants to sign you or work with you , you are never to pay anything that’s not the way it works I knew this was too good to be true using Christ wow Scam

  8. George says:

    Stay away. This is a ripoff. Do not be seduced… They are selling services, plain and simple. Why do you think they have expensive billboards and tons of ads playing. Stay away. Please.

    • Abbie Stancato says:

      Dear George,

      Other than their ad budget and marketing, what specifically has AMTC done to convince you they are a rip-off?

  9. Maggie says:

    Dinitia, I encourage you to read Adam She’s response above :) AMTC is not an agency, and they definitely do not claim to be one. Therefore, no one is paying any agent for representation. Read up on their website: http://www.amtcworld.org

  10. Maggie says:

    Kathryn, I was in your same situation in both 2008 and 2009. I understand how scary that price may look! AMTC worked with me and through incredible scholarships, I was able to attend for two years in a row!

  11. SueEllen Naegle says:

    Please look at the information from AMTC on fund raising for your payment. They have great examples from people who have raised their own funds, and they work with you too!
    I am raising my funds now!!!


  12. Sarah says:

    There is something admirable about a man who will do anything to fulfill his destiny in Christ. People do all they can to get into Harvard, Hollywood, American Idol etc but when it comes to the things of God something and that something I believe is the devil starts complaining about process and finances. Just trust God if you believe he had called you and attend an audition. It’s that simple. God bless AMTC for giving Christians the opportunity the world will never give. As for me, I am ready to go all the way in fact I will start saving money though I haven’t attended the audition yet because I have been praying about such an opportunity. Will not let finances stop me right now (Luke 9:62). For those who genuinely can’t afford it, don’t worry, God will make a way. AMTC gives scholarship also. God bless.

  13. Jeffrey R. Black says:

    I just auditioned in Baltimore Maryland. & have received a call back for participation in the upcoming Bridge program. If I decide to pursue this opportunity or not; I’d appreciate having access to comments (like the ones posted here), to help me make a better more well informed decision. Thank you for your insight.


  14. Brett Reese says:

    There are PLENTY of people who have experienced dramatic grief and heartache with amtc.

    Agreed, amtc provides comeraderie, amtc provides an interesting experience, amtc provides a wee bit of education and teaching. The problem is the VIPs are paid WELL. But they don’t want to be there, Remember its a long way from call backs to getting signed and then actually getting work!

    My motivation in writing is not sour grapes… my daughter IS CURRENTLY MAKING MONEY IN SHOWBUSINESS…but she didn’t get there through amtc. and honestly i don’t know that anybody through amtc has ever gotten a truly major role. MY motivation is the heartache I’ve seen on sooooo many parents and kids faces and knowing they honestly never had a chance. I am thinking of running radio ads on every christian radio station amtc advertises on explaining the LOTTO type odds. I don’t see how Carey or Lexi or Adam can make an ongoing living at this. it would just kill me.

    I was in your exact position a couple of years ago and I’ve posted to this same thread previously. My daughter receivd 24 callbacks. Including from Trump modeling. she is 5,8. Nothing from any of those callbacks. Unless you expect to get many more call backs than this it wouldn’t be reasonable to expect you’ll get anything from AMTCs VIPS. common sense right? My daughter is now a paid model -but not with ANY of the agency’s or vips at AMTC. NOTHING AMTC did helped her get this agency and the work.
    AMTC is no more a scam than literally thousand of other “opportunities” in show business. And it is my sincere prayer these poor parents who think highly of their child’s talent realize this before theyre bilked of thou$ands of dollars. The road to stardom is so enticing. Thousands of very smart people know how to manipulate parents’ mindset turning it into dollars, and basically never money or notice. one key question to ask them is “name a star you made” and make them answer it. NOT JUST AMTC! pay to play !!! common as the air you breathe! Other “scammers” got our info from amtc marketing that Adam speaks so highly of above…. I promise they do no marketing that your local agency couldn’t do if they believe in you. Talent/beauty is subjective. And the odds are overwhelmingly stacked against you and your child. Just know this. one one seven in Florida is the same flavor as amtc. PLEASE people this is an entire industry, not just amtc….BE CAREFUL !!! ! IF YOU WONDER ABOUT AN ‘OPPORTUNITY’ LOOK ME UP IF THEY DON’T LET YOU GET MY EMAIL BELOW.
    IF ANYBODY WANTS TO KNOW OUR STORY; HOW WE REALLY DID GET SIGNED WITH AN AGENCY ….AND..!!… GOT WORK FROM THAT AGENCY, EMAIL ME reese at pirate1047. com i’m not going to take any of your money but I will be very real with you. Adam and Lexi She, please don’t contact me, love Brett Reese…COLORADO

  15. Billy DaMota CSA says:

    Abbie. If your plumber does a great job fixing your pipes and charges you $5000 instead of the industry standard of $250, is that plumber ripping you off? Or do you just pay him what he asks for because he prays with you before he pulls out his wrench?

    The bottom line with AMTC is not whether there is value in the products and services they sell (although even a little research says volumes about their “training”). The fact is that AMTC is simply not the industry standard. They offer major sizzle with their “conventions” – where eager and mostly naïve young actors perform for industry agents and casting people – who are compensated to be there, and often costing parents and actors thousands of dollars. The vast majority who are accepted to showcase get nothing (and you’ll hear parents rationalize spending the money by saying “But the experience was worth every penny!”

    It’s a high-priced showcase that seldom results in any success – except for that of Adam and his non-profit. He uses Christ as a lure, but in my opinion, exploits the faithful.

    Bottom line? Adam can charge whatever he pleases, and people can happily pay it, and if everyone is fine with that, no probs. But to say that this is “the way it’s done” in the entertainment business is a lie. And that’s bad.

  16. Billy DaMota CSA says:

    And anyone who needs more info about the business and they way it’s really done, email me at castboy@castboy.com. As someone who has cast 100 films in the past 30 years, I’ve seen every scheme on the planet designed to take your money.

  17. D'rel says:

    My son just participated in the audition this past Saturday and received a call back for modeling. I am blessed to have the funds, but my skepticism kicked in and we didn’t return the call. After reading the blogs I am still uncertain of the validity of AMTC. One thing for certain, I hear (read) more positive first had experiences than negative. My down fall, I wish I’d done more research prior to the audition date. I hope I didn’t blow a chance for my son’s dream to come true.

  18. Drew says:

    EVERYTHING about this organization is unprofessional and unethical. Anyone who legitimately makes a living in entertainment will tell you run like hell.

  19. elizabeth bert says:

    this is NOT an agency

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