Manafest Shares Inspiration
Behind New Album “The Moment”

Josh-Belcher-At-Rocking-gods-HouseRap artist Manafest has plenty to share, and he pours his heart out in his lyrics in a compelling, personal way — almost like an eye-witness account of stories set to music. These stories in his songs flow like adventures in a book you cannot seem to put down.

And Manafest doesn’t follow the crowd or chase trends with his music. He marches to his own beat, and so far it is working very well. His current album, “The Moment,” is deep, distinct, and well-constructed. I especially enjoy “Diamonds,” a song about addiction that he co-wrote with Thousand Foot Krutch’s Trevor McNevan. (And in our interview below, Manafest explains the inspiration behind “Diamonds.”)

Manafest Shares Inspiration Behind New Album The Moment - Rocking God's House (Press Pic 2)A Canadian-born, now California resident, Manafest is crossing over into mainstream music. His lyrics are inspiring and creative; many people from different backgrounds have been able to relate to them, and he wants to bring the hope of Christ into people’s lives.

I caught up with Manafest for a quick email chat about his career and his new album:

You have a very distinct style, who are some of your musical influences?
Switchfoot, U2, Rage Against The Machine, Beastie Boys, Michael Jackson, Johnny Cash.Discuss your creative process.
I come up with ideas while sitting in church, watching movies, reading a book, or on the spot in the studio.Could you tell us about collaborating with Trevor McNevan on the song “Diamonds?”
Yeah, Joel Bruyere sent me the instrumental, and I started writing verses. Trevor heard it and thought those were some of the best lyrics I had written and wanted to jump on it. He wrote the hook and then the song was done.
Did Brian “Head” Welch’s book have a positive impact on you?
My friend Drue gave me a copy of his book and it was definitely eye-opening, and I realized sometimes you have no idea what someone has gone through. It was his book that inspired the first verse of “Diamonds” and overcoming addiction.
Why do you give away your book “Fighter” for free on your website?
I wrote the book to inspire people, so I want to get the message out to as many people as possible whether I charge for it or not.
How did start?
It started as a blog and now hosts my weekly podcast as well as a course “Launching Your Career As An Artist.” I launched it at the same time as the album “Fighter,” but this was way before I knew there would be a book and podcast…kind of crazy thinking about it now.
The Moment Now Available!
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