Mock & Roll: Interview with Comedian Paul Aldrich!

Writer Josh Belcher At Rockin' God's HousePaul Aldrich performs comedy at its finest: 100% clean and hysterical! His career has spanned 25 years, and he has performed in churches, comedy clubs, church retreats, youth events, theatres, and stints on television, including Showtime. He also has several musical recording projects — thirteen to be exact — including his award-winning album Mock & Roll.

Paul is originally from Fresno, California. In school he was an all-star basketball player and, as a singer and guitarist, he performed with several school and church groups. As he attended California State University to pursue a BA in Music Education, Paul became a volunteer Young Life leader and began performing skits, singing and playing guitar, and using humor to help teach the Bible to teens. From his experience with Young Life, Paul started touring the US and performing his original songs and comedy routine anywhere and everywhere. Paul and his “funny music” is appropriate for people of all ages, and you can check his touring schedule at

The famous comedian and musician Tim Hawkins gave Paul Aldrich this outstanding compliment:

“They say that humans only use 10% of their brain capacity. Paul Aldrich is running on at least 12%. This guy doesn’t just perform for audiences; he takes them somewhere. He’s the tour guide on a magical comedy musical excursion. There are several songs that I wish I would have written. Most of them are Paul’s.”

paulRockin’ God’s House: What made you decide to perform as a Comedian?

Paul: I started out working with youth through a ministry called Young Life. I was a volunteer leader, and I would perform songs and speak to youth and that is what got me in front of audiences as a performer. Over time I started writing comedy parody songs to entice the youth, and it just grew and grew!

Rockin’ God’s House: Is most of your comedic routine involved with music?

Paul: I’m really a humorous song writer. That is the core of what I do. I do a lot of comedy songs and parody songs. It is a mixture of stand-up and music, and the music portion makes up most of what I do. It is the heart and soul of what I do.

Rockin’ God’s House: What are the types of venues that you perform in?

Paul: Most of what I do is faith-based. Churches, special events that are connected with churches or Christian organizations, fundraising events, and also comedy clubs. I am also in the process of starting a monthly comedy dinner show production.

Rockin’ God’s House: Are you related to rock drummer Tommy Aldridge?

Paul: [laughs]No, I am not!

Rockin’ God’s House: What is the most random place you have ever performed a comedy show?

Paul: I was booked to perform at a corporate mattress salesmen event in Texas! I laughed to myself, wondering what I was doing performing for mattress salesmen — what was the connection? I suppose they were wondering the same thing!

Rockin’ God’s House: What is your favorite Bible verse?

Paul: I love Psalm 145:15-16, which says:

“The eyes of all look to you,
and you give them their food at the proper time.

You open your hand
and satisfy the desires of every living thing.”