I’m 14 And My Voice Breaks When I Sing, Is Something Wrong?

I’m a 14 year old female. I must keep practicing for a show at school. I started noticing my voice breaking while I sing. It started when the weather began to get really hot, so I don’t know if that has affected my voice. It seems to be getting worse… any opinion?

Abbie’s Reply…

Never strain your voice. You will automatically want to push harder to prevent your voice from breaking, adding additional strain. How important is your voice to you? If it is a priority, treat it that way, and begin to practice and study it. Drink plenty of water all day long and during practices.

I wonder if the heat is making you tired, or taking away your strength away from your diaphragm. If you are not getting diaphragm support, it will affect your voice and the ability to hold notes in your upper range.

Vocal warm-ups may feel weird, and is embarrassing when performed around others, but is mandatory. Before a performance, I take a steamy shower and begin my warmups while in the shower. I will spend about thirty minutes running scales and singing to warm up songs. I’ll sing softly, sing low harmonies, sing falsetto, and build my voice.

Try not to clear your throat – Drink water instead! Don’t have food and drink which causes congestion or phlegm. Avoid milk and dairy products, coffee, and heavy food before you sing. Exercise your diaphragm and keep in shape. I’ve been singing professionally for 35 years. I made these mistakes and paid for them. Take care of your voice, and it will return the favor for many years.

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