Five Minute DIY Earring Hack

Amy Ott Christian Lifestyle Blogger - Rocking God's HouseIn this DIY post, you will learn how to quickly make gorgeous, classy earrings from spare jewelry (or, in this case, vintage jewelry) you have lying around the house.

I recently went on an earring-wearing binge. While mainly sporting just empty holes in my ears for the last 10 years or so, I only had a few studs to choose from, and none of those cute dangly earrings people are wearing these days!

Instead of heading out to the nearest boutique in town, I remembered a costume jewelry bracelet from my Great Grandma Margaret’s collection. It was…interesting. I liked it in theory, but it has stayed in my jewelry box due to the amazing amount of noise this piece creates as you move your hand — which I have a habit of doing often.

Harken your eyes to this beauty:

Five Minute DIY Earring Hack Before Picture - Rocking God's House

I didn’t even need to get into my jewelry tools to wrangle the connector rings open to remove two of the plastic flowers.

And I already had a package of fishhook earrings in my possession — probably from a long-lost craft hope.

Five Minute DIY Earring Hack Before Picture 2 - Rocking God's House

A quick sleight-of-hand, and voilà. Cute, vintage, one-of-a-kind dangly earrings.

Five Minute DIY Earring Hack After Picture 1 - Rocking God's House

The best part is that I will actually wear the jewelry and have it remind me of my great-grandma rather than it languishing away in the darkness.

Five Minute DIY Earring Hack After Picture 2 - Rocking God's House

I hope this post sets you on a mini-treasure hunt to see what jewelry you can transform into some cute earrings!