Today, in one of my daily devotionals I was reading about our sin debt and how it can only be paid by a flawless sacrifices (Deut. 17:1).

Christ Jesus, the perfect sacrifice, was willing to die in our place so you and I can have eternal life with our Father in heaven. God gave us His only Son to pay that sin debt we owed.

Bear with me for a minute here, brothers and sisters, because I’m only a new Christian struggling with many questions regarding the faith. I kept thinking, God is God. Right? He is omnipotent and can do anything He wants. So why does anyone have to die? I never even met Adam and Eve; how’d they get me mixed up in all this mess with them?

Then I remembered a pastor once telling me something to the effect of: “God the Father is perfect in every way. Because of this, He couldn’t be with us in our sinful nature and be true to that perfection.”

Ok, I get that for the most part. But it made no sense why someone had to die in our place so we could have eternal life. These questions were quite exasperating until I considered the deeper meaning of life on earth vs. the eternal life in heaven.

Because of our great need, Christ gave His life so that we wouldn’t be separated in eternity. What an unfathomable gift that is!

I would love to read any comments anyone has on this topic, and I greatly look forward to hearing your feedback, thoughts, and experiences regarding this important issue.

Still your brother in Christ and ambassador in chains,

Phillip Bailey


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