“Duck Commander Devotions For Kids” Review – Five Stars!

Amy Ott Christian Lifestyle Blogger - Rocking God's HouseCan I just say I love all the top-notch Christian kid book/cd/videos that have hit the market in the past couple years? Truly talented artists are working to help our children grow in grace.

And I’m pleased to introduce you to another fabulous offering: “Duck Commander Devotions for Kids” by Korie Robertson (wife of Willie Robertson, “Duck Dynasty” TV show) and Chrys Howard (mother to Korie Robertson, best-selling author).

Book Cover of Duck Commander Devotion for Kids - Review at Rocking God's HouseThe first thing I noticed were the cute illustrations by Holli Conger. They really bring this devotional book to the next level. My two-year-old was interested in the book just looking through the pictures! Whimsical caricatures of the Robertson family add to each page, filling it with not only color, but additional learning capabilities for visual learners. (I’m going to look for her name on illustrated books going forward!)

The text in the book is very readable, spaced nicely for middle readers. Each selection can be read out loud in about a minute. So you won’t have to try to keep your child’s attention for an extended time. You could even use these as quick faith lessons added to your breakfast time before school in the morning.

Each devotional page starts with a verse. It’s really a meditation on that verse and how we can live it out, which allows it to be complimentary to other things, like reading a story or passage of the Bible from a children’s translation.

A short prayer ends the book (great for repeating out loud) along with the “Duck Commander in Action” section — all about putting what you learned into action. Faith without works is dead, and it’s not good enough to just read about God’s word; you need to put it in action.

This truly is a superb devotional book. Of course, it is Duck Commander themed, but even if you’ve never watched the show, you would be able to follow along as if you were reading about some random family. So don’t let that hold you back even if your kid isn’t a “Duck Dynasty” fan.

Each devotional starts with an anecdote about the family; and they are, at heart, a wonderful, loving Christian family, and their stories will sound similar to yours in ways that will make you smile.

In other words, you don’t need any prior knowledge of the family members to understand the stories. You and your kid will share some laughs, and you will both gain a deeper understanding of the amazing living Word of God.

Also, verses included are mainly taken from the International Children’s Bible, which I appreciate for several reasons: it’s a Bible translation especially geared towards children (written for a 3rd grade reading level), and it’s gender-neutral. Now, Bible scholars know that when it says “men” in many places it means “all you people,” but for those growing in faith, I think it is important to let them know that girls are included too!

“Duck Commander Devotions for Kids” definitely gets five out of five stars in my book and is worth every cent. It is set to release nationwide on February 10th, 2015 from your favorite book seller in stores and online.

(A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.)