Developing and Training Your Ear – How to Practice Effectively!

Great musicians make performing look easy, and it is—if you are disciplined and practice often. Like the old saying goes “practice makes perfect,” right? Not necessarily. Have you ever considered that you could be practicing something incorrectly? The saying should really say “perfect practice makes perfect.”

  • If you really want to get better, begin by have a designated time and place to practice. Eliminate distractions and get into a routine. If others are around while you practice, you will find yourself performing more than practicing. Playing is fun, but don’t treat it like a game. Take it seriously.
  •  Beginners often try to impress me by playing their most difficult riffs and songs. Usually their playing is sloppy because they failed to practice the song properly. Use a metronome when learning to play; timing is critical. When practicing scales or riffs, start at a slower pace and build up tempo.
  • Keep a journal and monitor your progress. Why? It simplifies and energizes your goals by providing a guideline to follow. It monitors your progress by allowing you to answer the question “Did I obtain my goals?” Finally, it will empower and clarify your direction: What have I learned, and what more do I need to learn?