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Beginner Guitar Lesson — Color Your Strings?


DR Strings Offers Multicolor Strings & FREE App!

The COLOR-PLAY Learning System™
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This section has always been reserved for free video lessons. However, after receiving an email from DR Strings about the application of their Multi-Color strings, I had to share this to our many followers. As a beginner it’s difficult to remember the string names. Additionally, the standard t

uning A, D, G & B strings on a guitar all seem to run together when a beginner is confronted with the concept of creating chords. Multicolored string removes the guesswork by offering the option of color coding. Children and young adults love the bright colors of the Multi-Colored Neon Strings. For students who relate better to visual instruction, DR Neon Multi-Color Strings are a must for every guitar and bass instructor to maintain in their arsenal.


FREE App – The COLOR-PLAY Learning System™

DR Strings is currently offering The COLOR-PLAY Learning System™; FREE APP For Students and Teachers. I won’t go in-depth at this time on the Color-Play learning system, but I urge you to check it.

 LESSON TARGET: Bass or Guitar