Tim Shirley - Staff Writer - Rockin' God's House.com

Become a Praise Team Member
You have a God given talent and want to use it honor him.  How should you go about it?  A position on the praise team is an excellent way to use your talent and have fun at the same time.

Paid or Volunteer
I have personally played in many churches throughout the years. At some I have been a volunteer at some, and at others I have been paid. Some churches are willing to hire musicians – they expect a high level of talent and the consistency you would expect from a professional. And there are other, usually small to middle size churches where the praise team is made of volunteers. Whether you are paid or a volunteer the main focus should be on using your talent to honor Christ.

Where Should I Play
The first place you should seek to play is at your local church.  Churches are usually always looking for experienced musicians to step up and get involved.  If there are no opportunities at your local church and you are looking for other churches to use your talents at, keep the following in mind. Your skill level and determination should dictate the church you seek. Many of the very large churches already have a multitude of seasoned musicians and vocalists and getting in will require an audition.

Some small to medium churches attempt to maintain a core set of musicians. Therefore, if a musician can’t make it for the week, they go without. Other churches, similar to the one I currently direct, have a pool of musicians which are rotated. Regardless of the type of church you attend, approach the Music Director and let them know you are available. If you have a demo recording or video, get it in their hands!
As a Music Director, there is nothing more frustrating than to be in need of musicians, only to discover a wealth of talent sitting in the congregation, too timid to step up.

Why Join
First and foremost, join a praise team because you want to serve Christ. I have played with musicians who do not practice and do not listen to their music. Their playing reflects this and can be described as mediocre at best. Please, don’t be that person.  Always remember who you are playing for.

As praise team members, we perform for a congregation as a representative of the church, and as a Christian for Christ. Great opportunities will come to those who work hard to serve Christ and church. Watch the Music Director and learn. Learn how to be humble, learn how to serve and learn how to lead.

Now go make a Joyful noise!