Yancy’s “Taste and See”
Reveals God’s Heart to Kids

Amy Ott Christian Lifestyle Blogger - Rocking God's HouseThe latest installment of Yancy’s “Little Praise Party” is the album “Taste and See.” (And, if you purchase the album here on iTunes, you will receive 15 tracks and two bonus tracks.)

In Yancy’s own words about her vision for the album:

I know the power of music and love the fact that the songs I write have the potential to plant seeds in the hearts of people. I want this generation to Taste and See that the Lord is good, and if they do that at an early age, I believe they’ll be able to have the relationship they need to have with the Lord so it doesn’t turn into one of those sad stories you hear about people turning their backs on their faith later in life.

Although the album is certainly geared toward kids, Yancy has also described it as music that’s “fun for the whole family.” And that captures the essence of what she’s doing. Kids will absolutely love this album, but at its heart it’s also a family worship album; adults will be tapping their toes to the music too.

Writing a family worship album must be difficult because you’re trying to appeal musically and lyrically to both adults and kids. Yancy pulls it off. The lyrics are strong and simple, and the music is fitting for each topic — ranging from all-out dance party to lullaby.

The standout song to me is “Super Wonderful.” Her vocals swim over a current of pulsating rhythms, and when the chorus hits, the song opens into an anthemic rediscovery of our big and wonderful God! It counteracts the world telling your kids that God is the “old man upstairs” and replaces it with the truth about our all-powerful, all-knowing superhero God!

Parents will especially love the song “Obey,” which is a lyrical retelling of the Fifth Commandment to honor your mother and father. As the song says, “It is the right thing to do!”

An especially sweet version of “I Love You, Lord” — the only cover on the album — really showcases her beautiful voice. (But if you’re around me you might not hear it over my warbling along with her!)

Some children’s albums are filled with singing kids who may or many not hit all the notes in the song. Yancy is the lead singer, but a lovely group of kids joins in every now and then, which to me is the perfect mix. It uses young singers tastefully and in the right proportion.

Yancy And Friends Little Praise Party Taste and See At Rocking Gods HouseReading a Bible story or devotional to our kids is easy, there are great resources out there, and it’s fairly easy to get that in at bedtime or breakfast.

But worshiping at home is hard.

Please don’t relegate this task to your kid’s Sunday School teacher! They mean well and will teach kids some great Bible-based songs, but parents need to engage their children with Biblical songs during the week at home. Music has a way of ministering to children in a different way, and these lyrics and ideas will stick with them well into their adult years. I say this with certainty because I listened to tapes of Christian kid’s music growing up (hello, GT & The Halo Express!) and I still sing some of those songs today (and I haven’t listened to the actual music in 20 years!). Don’t let your kids miss out on Christian music.

And Yancy’s musical offerings are lovely little numbers with solid Biblical concepts that kids will immediately understand as they unpack the true meanings. The different music styles, ranging from rock to folk, make each song a standout, and this gives the album a satisfying wholeness.