Jack Swagger Says…
“Keep God in Pledge of Allegiance!”

Josh-Belcher-At-Rocking-gods-HouseI am a patriotic man, I love my country and what (in my opinion) she used to stand for. I believe in God, I work to support my family, and I love WWE wrestling. I’m not ashamed of that. And when you have a man who wrestles for “The Real Americans” — a man built like a Sherman tank who is repping my country in wrestling combat, how could you not be a fan? I’m, of course, talking about Jack Swagger.

Jack is from Perry, Oklahoma. He played football and wrestled for the University of Oklahoma where he was an All-American, and he set  a record for most pins in a single season at 30. In the WWE, he has held just about every title imaginable, and he is making his way back to my home of Nashville, Tennessee on September 21 for the Night Of Champions, the only WWE wrestling event of the year in which all championships, belts, and titles are up for grabs.

In my interview with Jack, besides discussing recent events in WWE — i.e. his conflict with WWE newcomer Bo Dallas and his recent matches with Russian villain Rusev who kicked Jack’s manager Zeb Colter in the head (ouch!) — Jack shares his thoughts about the Pledge of Allegiance and the controversy of mentioning God in it. He, Zeb, and his fan base are know as the Real Americans. They advocate for what has made America great with a signature act of allegiance: they place there right hands over there hearts and yell with a loud, proud voice, “WE THE PEOPLE!”

Could you tell us about your upcoming match at Night Of Champions?

Well, it hasn’t been confirmed yet or announced so I am not quite sure if I am going to be wrestling Bo Dallas there or not. We are going to find out in a couple of weeks if that is going to happen or not. He might back down from the challenge. Very excited to get my hands on him. He has been pestering me and pestering for the last couple of weeks or so. As a real American we will have to get something done.

WWE Jack Swagger At Rocking Gods HouseDo you think you will ever get another partner for The Real American’s, like do you think Bo Dallas would like to join?

[Laughs] Well, if he wants to join the Real Americans he is going about it the wrong way. He has definitely been under my skin, and I don’t know how well we would work together right now as a team. I know that Cesarro and I ended on a bad note, but we were a very very good tag team and so those are big shoes to fill. That’s the good thing about the WWE, you never really know what you are going to get, you just know that it is going to be very entertaining. I have learned to never say never because anything can happen with us in the WWE. When we were tagging, I definitely fell in love with the Tag Team division and being in Tag Matches. A lot of fun and very exciting , always doing something fresh and new, so I definitely would not be opposed to it.

A lot of people want to take “one nation under God” out of our pledge and out of government buildings and schools. How do you feel about that?

You know, the Pledge of Allegiance is something that I grew up saying every morning when I went to school. Personally, I don’t see a problem with it. It is very nostalgic not only to me, but I think all Real Americans and Americans in general. I don’t think it should be taken out of the schools. I don’t think the phrase should be taken out of the pledge. I don’t know how old it is, but it is a very important part of history and you can’t change it, whether you want to take a verse out of it or not. It is always going to be the same thing.

How has Zeb Colter been since Rusev kicking him in the head?

One thing about Zeb Colter and all Real Americans is that they are tough and they don’t give up. We will lick our wounds and keep on going. You can knock a Real American down, but the secret is you have got to keep us down because we will keep getting back up and ready to fight. Zeb Colter is a grown man, and he has been doing this for over 45 years, and I am sure that he has been kicked harder than that little Russian princess [Rusev] kicked him.