Abbie Stancato of Rockin' God's HouseWhat do you do when you have a song in your heart, and no talent or the means to bring it to life? How about having someone else play, sing, and record your songs?

Introducing Studio Pros – The future of recording, and success in the 21st century!

Regardless if you can’t sing a note or play an instrument, Studio Pros, an online only recording studio located in Los Angles, California, can do it for you… and do it well.

Welcome to the new world of high tech, Internet access, and global reach. Studio Pros does what many recording facilities promise, but can’t or don’t deliver. . .  they produce hits from ideas! “Studio Pro can create a professionally produced recording… and provide all the vocalist and musicians at a reasonable price,” according to Associate Producer Keeley Bumford.

Low cost, high quality software such as Music Creator  by Cakewalk or Garage Band by Apple allows a beginner to record music from home with minimal investment. This low cost software is very good and quiet flexible. It is great for creating songs from a concept. However, as a music producer, I often hear good songs recorded by amateurs, which are poorly written, arranged, and recorded.  Most lack the skills or desire to become a sound engineer, and many are restricted and limited to their own voice.  Furthermore, these songwriters are often limited to playing one instrument or writing with only loops.

Studio Pros will make available: vocalists, producers, musicians, and composers encompassed within a well-equipped facility.

Many recording studios boast they can provide well produced, and recorded music from lyric sheets or poor recordings. Most cannot. Studio Pros is for real. They have access to musicians and producers who are proficient in all genres and styles.

So how does this benefit the novice you’re wondering. Studio Pros can provide composers for poets, solo artists, and songwriters of ALL skill levels. They will turn your concepts and loose ideas into radio ready recordings – usually for approximately $1,000.00 per song.

However, Studio Pros is not just for the novice. They are revered by professional songwriters, producers and agents. Many of these professionals demand a fixed recording budget. For a predetermined cost, they receive industry quality without the hassle of doing it themselves.

I receive music for review on a regular basis. I can usually tell within the first ten seconds if I want to proceed. Few in the music industry have the time to work with an artist offering a poorly recorded song. There are just too many talented songwriters with great recordings for a poor recording to be considered. Industry professionals shy away from poor recordings and the artists offering them. They will consider your work as amateurish.  Do you have a great song? Production, Production, Production is demanded by everyone in the industry.

Recently, Studio Pros released a press release about songwriter Matt Ryd. They have collaborated with Matt for years with a number of success stories.

Matt offered them a scratch demo recording; they returned a full production recording from start to finish.  Matt Ryd recently licensed his song “Healed” to the TV series Scrubs on NBC.

I’ve heard before and after recordings done with Studio Pros. They are extremely good at producing music for a reasonable fee.  As one who owns a small recording studio, I could not afford to produce someone with only an idea, for anywhere near the price they charge. I am not chanting their praises for personal gain. I only choose top notch companies and organizations for my articles. This company is “Top Notch”!

They boast of clients worldwide. I asked how US musicians could duplicate the “feel” of music from foreign countries. Keeley explained, “…songwriters from around the world want that American Sound they could not otherwise obtain.”

Perhaps you want to use your own vocals. No problem, Studio Pros will send you a completed song for you to complete in your home studio or at a more professional local facility.

According to “Head of Production” Kati O’Toole, “If Studio Pros is to complete an entire song for you, their standard turnaround time is 2 to 3 weeks.”

“Their Rates depend on the services you order. If you need just one instrument recorded, it is $150 per song/instrument, presuming your song is less than five minutes long. Production begins at $1099 per song and includes: live drums, bass guitar, three to six guitars, and two to four keyboards. Your cost includes a Grammy Nominated engineer to mix and master your project. Mixing is $299 a song, and mastering is $99 song.”

Mixing is getting all the sound levels, effects and equalization balanced. Mastering is a final process performed once the song is completed. Katie elaborates, “I wouldn’t say mastering is the most important step in production.  I would say it is something that must be done prior to releasing your material so it’s broadcast quality, radio ready. Often artists skip mastering, but it is a very important final step in releasing a recording to get it to the most professional level.“ Studio Pros’ $99.00 fee is a bargain for the quality. Many web sites will brag of mastering fees as low as $15.00 per song (you get what you pay for), and others as high as $250.00.

Finally, you’re probably wondering … What good is it to spend money on a recording that will only be heard by my Facebook friends.

Studio Pros advertises that their clients have a better opportunity to present their music to the industry via a company called TAXI. TAXI is a nationwide membership based company in Los Angeles which anyone can join. They screen and critique music, then forward the most appropriate to the top film, television and A&R professionals in the country.

I contacted Michael Laskow, CEO and founder of TAXI. “I’ve listened to a lot of their work, and have been blown away. The musicians at Studio Pros are A-Level session players. Many of them are guys based in LA, coming off of major tours. They’re there just making extra money while back home. These are A-Level players who may be touring with the top artists in the world, and you’re getting them for pennies on the dollar. Studio Pros clients have the opportunity to get great players they couldn’t otherwise afford.” It ‘s amazing for what you pay, and what you get in return!”

My next article will be on LA based company TAXI. Michael Laskow, founder and CEO of TAXI will explain how ANYONE, from ANY PLACE in the world can make a good living as a songwriter.