I Have A Bad Cold And A Performance In Several Days… Help!
Ask Abbie

Abbie: I have a bad cold, runny nose, sore throat and congestion. I have a performance in several days. Can you recommend a cold remedy?

Abbie’s Reply…

Abbie Stancato of Rocking Gods HouseI too am suffering from a cold. I’ve never missed a performance or been unable to sing thanks to my surefire cold ritual and the grace of God.

Here’s My Remedy:

Prayer, plenty of water, as much rest as possible, chicken soup, no dairy products (which you should avoid as a vocalist), Air Borne (or the equivalent) at the onset, just enough Nyquil to get you to sleep, nasal spray only before bedtime, vitamin C, standard vitamins, and — here’s the kicker — garlic tablets! My sister Monica is a respiratory therapist; she recommended those years ago when I developed bronchitis while living in Los Angeles (from the smog) and could not rid it with antibiotics. I thought she was crazy; I was so very wrong. Not only do I take them every day as my vitamin supplement, I take the maximum dosage when a cold hits. The tablets greatly reduce congestion from settling into my chest and making me cough. I can sing with a cold, stuffy nose, and sore throat, but I am doomed once the coughing begins.

What’s your best cold solution?

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