Why Do We Lie?
Are You Morally Sleeping?
Why Do Christians Lie At Rocking Gods House

NAbbie Stancato At Rocking Gods Houseow and then I get a nudge from the Holy Spirit to immediately write about a subject — this is one of those times.

Please Watch The Video Prior To Reading This Article!

This video was produced by New York Times bestselling authors David Maxfield and Joseph Grenny, aka “The Behavioral Science Guys.” The subjects who appeared in this video were placed on the honor system. Most of those who participated had just finished a Bible study class. Therefore some, if not all, will claim to be Christians.

The lesson to be taken from this video is not that Christians are liars, but that human nature is more honest when held accountable. When morality is on the table prior to making decisions, Christians should hear the still small (large if you are in the Word) voice — always, without reminding or having to make a contract!

The Pulpit Challenge

This video should be central to at least one sermon topic in every house of worship. I’m not certain the sermon should center around human’s tendency to lie or the failure of Bible study classes to connect the truth of God’s words with the hearts of those attending. I vote for a sermon on both topics!

Although this isn’t written in the spirit of legalism, it’s sobering and concerning because it forces us to ask ourselves a question: are we missing the mark with God’s most basic commandment? Of course, only Christ can supply in our hearts what we need through His grace and power, but if we don’t know there’s a problem we’re less likely to “come boldly to the throne of grace” to ask Him to help us.

Rocking God’s House is read in just over 95% of nations around the globe monthly; let’s Rock God’s House, circulate this article worldwide, and encourage churches to look at this issue from the pulpit!