Victoria Koloff of Preachers’ Daughters…
Talks to Rocking God’s House

Josh Bechler Writer for Rocking God's HouseVictoria Koloff is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. So it is perfect that her reality television show, Preachers’ Daughters, is returning for a second season — because Victoria is real. What you see is what you get. She loves the Lord, she loves to help people, and she will put everyone before herself. She is a true mom and friend. I can vouch because there have been times in my life when I have needed a friend to lend an ear, and I could always call Victoria: she is great at giving comforting and solid advice. Our friendship grew as we both hosted a radio program at the same station in Nashville, Tennessee. Aside from being a radio host, Victoria is a motivational speaker, author, and a very funny stand-up comedian. She is one in a million, and I am proud to call her my friend.

Her show Preachers’ Daughters season 2 will air beginning March 5th at 9pm ET/PT on Lifetime. According to Lifetime’s press release:

“The gap between heaven and hell has never been wider than in the season two of Preachers’ Daughters. Lifetime’s youngest skewing show, with a median age of 32, the series is produced by Thinkfactory Media and follows the lives of four preacher families after the church doors have been shut. With judging eyes watching, the drama runs deep as the girls struggle with living up to the expectations of their parents and their congregations. As temptation, redemption, guilt and the path to right and wrong collide, will these preachers’ daughters choose sin or salvation?”

The show focuses on several families with issues revolving around teens and young adults who have parents that are in full-time ministry. Kolby Kolloff is at the center of the feature about Victoria Koloff’s family. Kolby has two preacher parents — Victoria and Nikita Koloff. Nikita —  a still very intimidating former professional wrestler who put me in a headlock once — wants Kolby involved in a year of ministry. Victoria has a no-nonsense approach to talking about sex in all aspects to teens and why they should wait for marriage. The show also features Victoria’s other daughters — Teryn, Tawni, and Kendra — who help with advice for Kolby as she is the last young person in the house who has to deal with her parents and their rules. The Koloffs split time between Nashville, Tennessee and Kannapolis, North Carolina.

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What will we expect on this season of Preacher’s Daughters from the Koloff family?

It follows different families in different areas who lead very different lives. This year we have four families instead of three. I can only speak on behalf of the Koloff family, and with us you are going to see a lot of being true to who we are — and some surprises for the viewers that I think they will enjoy. Kolby is starting to come more into her own, and her mom (me) is chilling out a lot more. I am chilling out more, maybe not being so dramatic, but I am still sticking to my beliefs and morals.

When did you realize that God had such a special calling for you?

I can’t say that there was a specific moment because I believe God calls all of us to do something with purpose. I don’t think anyone was just born to breath and take up space. I believe that every one of us has been called to do something bigger than who we are because it is about Him (God), and there is nothing bigger than that when you are doing something bigger for God. I still am humbled every day. Everyday I pinch myself and think, “I can’t believe, Lord, You would choose to use a person like me.”

How is the new radio show?Victoria Kolloff And Josh Belcher of Rocking Gods House

I am doing two radio shows. I am dividing my time now between Monroe, Louisiana and Nashville. One is called The Mike and Victoria show in central Louisiana. It airs on the Bridge in the morning, Monday-Friday from 10 until 2pm. You can listen online from anywhere in the world from That is a Christian program on a Christian station. I also do the #1 Country station in Monroe, Louisiana called The Wolf, and I am on the air from 2-6 with Mike Carson; it is also called The Mike and Victoria show. So we are doing a country show and a Christian show, and the country show can be heard anywhere in the world on

Living in Monroe, Louisiana, have you been duck hunting with the Duck Dynasty crew yet?

I have not been duck hunting. I have hung out with the duck hunters and the Robertson family. I have not been duck hunting; it is not anything I aspire to do.

And your daughter Kolby has a program she is doing with Sadie Robertson?

She is doing a show called “The New Different,” and it is on YouTube. Every Monday night they release a new video. They are sharing just 3-6 minutes of a little devotional and share some things that they have struggled with in their lives as teenagers and things other people have struggled with. They have close to fifty thousand subscribers and every week they have half a million people watch their videos; and people are responding well. Churches are showing the program at their youth groups and kids are saying they really look forward to watching the new episodes on Mondays. For some teenagers, it is the only Gospel they are getting is on Monday nights. I am really proud of them, they have done a great job, taking this program from infancy to now. They do it all themselves!

Are you still doing speaking engagements or stand-up comedy?

I am waiting on another invitation from you Josh to perform stand-up. I love doing stand-up — it is fun. I don’t think it is going to be a career choice for me. I am no Ellen DeGeneres, although I would love to do her show one day. I am still doing speaking engagements everywhere at churches, youth groups, women’s conferences — even companies are inviting me to speak. I love speaking; it is where I feel the most comfortable. Of all the things I do, I love speaking the most on a platform. I am still passionate about the message I have to share, and I feel privileged and honored when somebody invites me to speak.