Unspoken Talks About
Their New Unplugged Album

Writer and Entertainment Journalist Josh Belcher - Rocking God's House (Cropped)Christian pop rock band Unspoken have a touring tradition: they like to add a few acoustic songs to their sets. For the latest release, which was released on April 28, they expanded that tradition into an entire album. It features a variety of acoustic versions of their songs, including several of the band’s signature hits like “Who You Are,” their most recent single “Good Fight,” as well as the fan favorite “Start a Fire,” which became the group’s first #1 single on AC Radio. Some of the new song contributions are “Broken Man,” “Green Light,” and “Born With a Broken Heart.” The new album will be available through all digital outlets, and you can grab a physical copy out on the road when you see the band perform the songs live. 

Unplugged Track Listing:
Unspoken Talks About Their New Unplugged Album - Rocking God's House1. Broken Man
2. Start a Fire
3. Tell Somebody
4. Call it Grace
5. Who you are
6. Green Light
7. Good Fight
8. Lift my life up
9. Born with a Broken Heart
10. Solid Rock
I spoke with front man Chad Mattson about the band’s new acoustic endeavor:

Why did your band decide to record an acoustic album?
Because it all started unplugged. So, you know, kind of going unplugged is bringing the band Unspoken back to its roots. Also, it allows all of us to strip away all of the production and all of the things from the studio and just bring the music back to its original kind of organic state. We love both sides of those elements. We love the production part and the energy that brings, and then we like to play stripped down — the fact that you can just have a song and a few musicians and the spirit of God and make a big impact. In every concert we do, we always do something unplugged, and kind of strip out our full band production. Over the years the acoustic stuff has always been a part of what we have done. So it just made sense to do a record in between the new studio produced record that will be available in 2016.
Will Unspoken be performing whole sets unplugged?

Like I said, you know, we are doing it in every show we do. We do an unplugged set, and it is like a three song unplugged set, and then we usually end unplugged straight up: no microphones, no guitars plugged in, no nothing. Just us out in the crowd playing with just our voices and instruments.
I like the set list choices. How did you guys pick which songs to record for the album?
Yeah, man, that is one of the great things that we like about our record label is that all of us have input, and it is a team effort so we just went through as a group and said, “Hey, these are the songs we would like to do,” and it usually comes down to a vote where the majority rules. The record label is very kind in getting behind and supporting their artist in what we are passionate about.

Are you guys having a CD release party?
We are talking about that right now, and we are in the works with a particular radio network that we might do four or five shows in the Southeast, and maybe partner it with recovery awareness. I am 12 years sober, so that is a big part of what we do.

To learn more about the band Unspoken that burst onto the scene in 2011 and never looked back, visit their website: www.unspokenmusic.com.