Top 5 Robin Williams Quotes —
Nate Bargatze & Other Top Comics Pay Tribute


I was able to get some exclusive quotes about Robin Williams from the some of the best comedians out there, but before I share those I just have to say: I cannot believe I live in a world where Robin Williams has taken his own life. This has been devastating. For my entire life I have loved and appreciated the joy that Robin Williams brought to the world through his comedic talent. My children loved him too. And he proved that he was more than a comic with famed performances in Patch Adams, Dead Poets Society, and his Oscar-winning role in Good Will Hunting.

But unfortunately depression deeply plagued Robin’s existence, which eventually led to the end of one of the most brilliant comedians the world has ever known. He left behind a family — a wife and three children — and millions of people with a broken heart.

To say he will be missed would not do it justice.

I just hope his quote from the movie What Dreams May Come will be the case for him: “A whole human life is just a heartbeat here in Heaven. Then we’ll all be together forever.”

I had hoped to one day have a chat with Robin Williams. He recently shot a movie in Nashville called Boulevard, and it was screened at this year’s Nashville Film Festival. It would be one of his last full-length films. I had been in contact with his management before this terrible tragedy occurred.

Maybe, by the grace of God, I will get to see Robin on the other side, to tell him thank you for all the smiles he put on my face and for all of the inspiration he provided while he was on this Earth.

As I share some quotes given to me by some of the top comedians, let’s keep his family in prayer and reflect on the joy that Robin brought to the world:

Nate Bargatze: “Robin Williams was the best. He was an Oscar-winning actor but also a true stand-up comedian. He is a guy that has stories about meeting presidents, and then a story about getting heckled at the comedy store at 3am. He also did a lot of USO tours. He thought of others before himself. He will truly be missed.”

Rik Roberts: “Talented soul. Gifted performer. Comforting face. Conflicted mind.”

Keith Alberstadt: “The one thing I’ll always think about when I think of Robin Williams is his fearlessness on stage. He wasn’t afraid to dive in and go full throttle. He not only embraced being a comedian; he threw it into a different stratosphere.”

Gary Cannon: “I started comedy in San Francisco, and Robin was always around either performing or watching comedy.  I had the pleasure of meeting him numerous times. In fact, he showed up to a comedy show I was running and watched the new talent. He was very humble and very nice. Always open to take pictures and talk with comics. I feel very fortunate to have had numerous opportunities to interact with him. I saw him a few years ago at a show in Northern California. And years later he was just as nice. So refreshing to see that in someone with that much success and fame. He will truly be missed.”

Joey Coco Diaz: “He inspired others to see the beauty in making people laugh.”

As a tribute to Robin, I will close with my top five favorite moments in Robin William’s career:

Robin-Williams-Tribute-At-Rocking-Gods-House1) Mrs. Doubtfire. As a father myself, I really appreciated his taking the awful — the pain of divorce and a terrible visitation schedule with his kids — and then creating a female character and making her beloved and hilarious in his attempts to spend time with his kids. Favorite quote: “Ever wish you could freeze frame a moment in your day, and look at it and say ‘this is not my life?'”

2) Good Morning Vietnam. In this role, Robin was doing what he did best with his talent: spreading joy to people on a daily basis, but this time as the morning disc jockey who helped improve morale among the young persons in the United States Armed Forces serving during a terrible time of war. Favorite quote: “Here’s a news flash: today President Lyndon Johnson passed a highway beautification bill. The bill basically said that his daughters could not drive in a convertible on public highways.”

3) Patch Adams: This movie showed that it is never really too late to find your calling in life; you just have to be brave enough to follow your heart and chase your dreams. Favorite quote: “You treat a disease, you win, you lose. You treat a person, I guarantee you, you’ll win, no matter what the outcome.”

4) Death to Smoochy: I loved this movie, though some people did not love it as much. Nothing better than a washed up children’s character trying to frame and destroy the new kid on the block: a giant pink rhino named Smoochy! Favorite quote: None appropriate for this site, unfortunately.

5) Bicentennial Man: Brilliant Pinocchio-like movie about a robot companion who develops a deeply touching sense of humanity. My favorite quote definitely has to be the rapid series of jokes he spits out in one scene — a perfect example of what Steven Spielberg called a “lightning storm of comedic genius”:

“Two cannibals were eating a clown. One turns to the other and says, ‘Does this taste funny to you?’ How do you make a hanky dance? Put a little boogie in it! What is a brunette between two blondes? A translator! Do you know why blind people don’t like to skydive? It scares their dogs! A man with dementia is driving on the freeway. His wife calls him on the mobile phone and says, ‘Sweetheart, I heard there’s someone driving the wrong way on the freeway.’ He says, ‘One? There’s hundreds!’ What’s silent and smells like worms? Bird farts. It must have been an engineer who designed the human body. Who else would put a waste processing plant next to a recreation area?”