Tips For Auditioning – Are You Ready For That Life Changing Opportunity?

Auditioning for an artist or band is very similar to a job interview. You’re trying to convince someone you’re the best fit. This may seem like common sense, but it’s often overlooked if you’re stressed or nervous. I’ve had some big audition opportunities… Here’s what worked for me.
1) Be friendly, open and honest. Show them you’re easy to work with. If someone is a superior player, but argumentative… then who cares? No one wants to work with someone who’s difficult.
2) Learn the songs/material as close to the originals as possible. Get the right gear and tone. If you don’t have the time to get everything down, at least learn all the hooks and signature licks.
3) Be willing to make adjustments and take criticism. If the artist or band, asks you to turn your volume up or down, just do it. If they ask you to use a different effect, guitar or amp – kindly respond. Aim to please… this will go a long way.
4) Finally, never take the easy way out. Many years ago I auditioned for a very popular Rush tribute band. They were playing all the hottest clubs. I learned all the harder, longer songs, and made an impression. Even though I am sure there were better, more experienced players, I landed the job… it was my dream gig at the time!