Meet Timothy Banfield — A Fresh Face in Clean Comedy

Writer Josh Belcher At Rockin' God's HouseYoung Timothy Banfield is one of the fresh faces in comedy today! He has been performing as a stand-up comic for seven years now, and he has over 200 impersonations of celebrities in his reportoir, including but not limited to singers, actors, cartoon characters, and many political figures. He has performed in many venues such as churches, corporate functions, and weddings. He has even performed on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, entertaining both Jay Leno and William Shatner with spot-on impersonations of them both on live television. Timmy is a star on the horizon, and he keeps getting brighter!

I had a chance to speak with him about his career and hear what exciting things are in the works:

Rocking God’s House: What made you decide to become a comedian?

Timothy: When I was six years old I listened to Bill Cosby’s “Himself” comedy routine on record. That was when I first realized you could tell stories on stage and be funny for a living. Shortly after that, I was performing in a play as a kid and I ad-libbed. 200 adults were laughing, and I got this huge buzz. That was when I knew I wanted to do comedy for the rest of my life!

Rocking God’s House: I really enjoyed your comedy bit about scenarios with women; is that based on real life experiences?

Timothy: Yes they are. Those are 100% true stories!

Rocking God’s House: When did you discover your talent for doing impressions of people?

Timothy: When I was around eight, my older brother and I could do impressions relatively easy. My first impressions were of Sean Connery, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Yoda. Now I have over 200 impressions in my catalogue.

Rocking God’s House: How can people get in touch with you?

Timothy: I have a Facebook Fan Page, YouTube and Twitter accounts, and I have a brand new website in the works coming very soon! People can also reach me through email

Rocking God’s House: How did it feel performing in front of Jay Leno and William Shatner on The Tonight Show?

Timothy: It was a lot of fun, I really enjoyed my opportunity. The Tonight Show producers saw my impersonations on YouTube, loved them, got in touch with me, and invited me to be on the show! It was my first gig that required an airline ticket! I wasn’t nervous to perform in front of them; I was actually very excited. It was the first time I ever got to do impressions in front of the people I was impersonating!

Rocking God’s House: Do you incorporate faith and Christianity in your performances?

Timothy: I do! I perform at a lot of churches and in front of crowds at church functions. I am not a Christian comedian; I really don’t know what that means, but I sometimes joke about it in my set. But I am a 100% clean, family-friendly comic entertainer!