Tim Tebow Talks to Rockin’ God’s House about his new ESPN Job!

Writer Josh Belcher At Rockin' God's HouseTim Tebow is my favorite quarterback of all time. As the biggest Florida Gator fan in Tennessee, I have followed his career closely: I’ve watched him play against Vanderbilt in Nashville, I’ve personally prayed with him, and whenever I’ve requested autographs from him at charity events where I was performing, he and his camp have always obliged. I’ve read his book, I’ve pulled for him every step of the way, and if I were the general manager of the Tennessee Titans here in Nashville, my first move would be to hire him as quarterback.

As I sat in the press box of last night’s Music City Bowl in Nashville, the biggest thrill of the night was not the 40 miles of free buffet food or hanging and speaking with George Plaster, a local sports broadcasting superstar in Nashville — or even the Ole Miss and Georgia Tech game I was watching. It was when ESPN announced over several TV screens across the room that Tim Tebow was going to be an analyst for ESPN’s new SEC channel!

I was excited, but it was a bittersweet excitement. I almost lost my composure and started cheering for the announcement; but being loud in the press box is an absolute no-no. Luckily for me, the Music City Bowl was televised by ESPN and, being the constant reporter that I am, I asked around until I got the information for Tim Tebow’s ESPN media conference call. Not only did I get the number, but I got to ask Tim Tebow some questions! I felt like a superstar! Here is a play-by-play, if you will, of what happened during the media conference call:

The Moderator (no name available):

Thank you very much, and welcome, everybody, to today’s media call. As we approach the final hours of 2013, on behalf of ESPN, we want to wish you a happy and healthy New Year to all on the phone.

As you’ve all seen by now, one of our final announcements of 2013 is going to play a major role in one of ESPN’s significant new projects coming up in 2014; and that is Tim Tebow, former Heisman Trophy winner and national champion at Florida, has been hired as an analyst for the SEC Network, which launches in August. Tim will work on the network’s traveling pregame show called SEC Nation, originating from a different campus each week with host Joe Tessitore. Tim will also contribute to other ESPN platforms beginning this Monday, January 6, when he appears on various pregame shows throughout the day in advance of Monday night’s BCS National Championship on ESPN.

Now we want to officially welcome Tim Tebow to ESPN and the SEC Network with some opening remarks.

Tim Tebow:

Thank you. I appreciate those comments. They mean a lot, and thank you, everyone, for being on this call. I’ll try not to waste too much of your time, and I hope you’re having a wonderful holidays and a great New Year’s Eve, and I hope you have a great night and a great New Year’s tomorrow. I just wish you all the blessings. Thank you for being on this call.

I think first and foremost I’d just like to thank ESPN for pursuing me and for this partnership and for this great opportunity. In particular, I’d like to thank Mr. Skipper, Mr. Wildhack, and obviously Ms. Druley and Mr. Connolly for their great relationship with me and the opportunity over the last few months to really get to know them that much better and gain a lot of trust in them. I really feel like it’s a great situation and opportunity for me, and I’m really looking forward to many years together and a lot of great times. Thank you very much, and I look forward to taking y’all’s questions.

[Several people were on the call. I was lucky enough to chime in and ask a few questions! This is what I asked:]

Rockin’ God’s House:

How will this career choice intertwine with your goal of continuing to play as an NFL quarterback?

Tim Tebow:

Well, it’s been such a blessing, getting to know everyone at ESPN, and because of our great relationship, they’ve been so generous to me to let me continue to pursue my dream of being an NFL quarterback; and I will continue to push myself to become better every single day, not only as a quarterback, but also as an analyst. If I get the opportunity to continue to play quarterback in the NFL, I would love to do so, but I also want to be the best analyst I can be for many years to come, and I’m thankful for that partnership. I felt like right now was a great opportunity to start.

Rockin’ God’s House:

Have you prepared and studied to be a commentator? What do you think the biggest challenges of your new role will be?

Tim Tebow:

Well, I’ve had great opportunities to be around a lot of them, whether I was in college and they were interviewing me or I was hanging out with them or I was on the game day set or just being around different guys and becoming friends with certain guys and girls that do it and that do it very well. I think I tried to learn a little bit from everyone and tried to take what they do well and try to learn from it, and I’ll continue to try to learn every single day to be the best I can, just like I would in the game of football.

Rockin’ God’s House:

I am sure you will be traveling to Gainsville to cover Florida Gator games. How do you think you will react going down there in your new role as a commentator?

Tim Tebow:

Well, you know I’ll always be a Gator; but I have to be objective as well, and I believe I can do that. It’s always fun to go to Gainesville and be a part of Gator Nation, which I love and I’ll always love, but I’ve got to be objective and do the best job I can do as well, and I look forward to that challenge; and it’ll be a lot of fun for me to do so.

Tim Tebow’s closing remarks:

I just want to thank everyone for being on this call and just wish you all a great New Year and God bless you all. Thank you for this opportunity, ESPN — and Justin and Stephanie, thank you for being on the call — and thank you, Josh. I also look forward to hopefully one day meeting everyone on this call. God bless you all and have a great New Year.