The Voice — The Christian Angle

Abbie Stancato of Rocking Gods HouseNBC’s The Voice opened its sixth season to an average of 15.7 million viewers. The chemistry between the four seasoned hosts is as awesome as the top notch talent that graces their stage for their signature “blind auditions.”

The show’s creator Mark Burnett broke into prime-time network television with the hit reality series Survivor. He is also the man behind television series The Bible and the recently released motion picture Son of God (Check Out Our Movie Review). According to publicist Lori Lenz-Heiselman of the Biscuit Media Group: “He [Mark Burnett] wanted to create a positive show that would highlight talent more than looks — one that would focus on the craft of music more than the show.”

The show has become a global sensation. The Voice is currently produced around the world, and it offers the opportunity for anyone to rise from obscurity into super stardom.

Rocking God’s House will be exploring the Christian talent that The Voice has showcased and harvested, including exclusive interviews with past participants of the show. We’ll also be presenting some of the most inspiring moments from the show and offering contest giveaways!  Stayed tuned and get ready for an exciting and informative look at NBC’s The Voice!