“The Trip to Bountiful” — Broadway Play Turned TV Movie Airs Saturday Night!

Writer Kevin Ott At Rocking Gods HouseAlthough my preference is generally for Broadway musicals, a good Broadway play can be just as wonderful to experience. In 2013, a revival of a Broadway play called The Trip to Bountiful was nominated in four Tony award categories (and won for Best Actress). The play tells the story of an elderly woman who — despite being unable to drive and forbidden to travel by her overprotective son — sets out alone on a harrowing and humorous journey back to her hometown Bountiful.
If you are a fan of this award-winning, critically acclaimed play — or if you love Broadway plays in general — you will be interested to know that Lifetime will be airing a made-for-TV film adaptation of the play tomorrow night (Saturday), March 8, at 8pm ET/PT. The film’s press release describes it as “a courageous and moving story of liberation, as well as a humor-filled celebration of the human spirit.”

What’s particularly special about this movie — besides starring Hollywood names like Vanessa Williams (Ugly Betty), Blair Underwood (In Treatment), Cicely Tyson (The Help), Keke Palmer (CrazySexyCool), and Clancy Brown (one of the best actors from the legendary film Shawshank Redemption) — is that Tyson, the Tony-winning actress who played the protagonist in the play, reprises her role for the small screen. Personally, I love watching award-winning actors from Broadway — whether musical or play — reprise their roles for TV or for the big screen. The result is almost always spectacular. Actors who do well on Broadway always have a unique talent that radiates on camera. I am thinking of Broadway-to-film classics like The Music Man, which featured the Broadway actor Robert Preston in the movie’s main role — one of the best Hollywood performances in history.

In addition, the director of the play, Michael Wilson, is making his television directorial debut with this movie. It’s always interesting to watch the main players (the director and the star) of an award-winning Broadway production translate their vision to film.
And from what I’ve seen in the preview, Michael Wilson and Cicely Tyson make the TV-movie look as emotionally engaging and powerful as any big screen drama. She’s superb and worth taking the time to watch. It’s no wonder she won a Tony.

So, if you’re a fan of award-winning acting and inspiring, heartwarming stories, you might consider watching The Trip to Bountiful this Saturday evening at 8pm ET/PT on Lifetime.