The Little Rascals Save The Day – Christian Review

Writer Kevin Ott At Rocking Gods House

The Little Rascals — originally called Our Gang from its earliest days in the ’20s, ’30s, and ’40s — has embedded itself into the popular American conscience. It made its name for the way it captured the Win A Blu-Ray DVD Copy of -- The Little Rascals Save the Dayinstinctive, natural mannerisms and behavior of the child actors instead of forcing them into a mold of adult acting. The cuteness factor and comedy of this revolutionary production style

has always been irresistible to our culture. The show, in one form or another, remained in syndication for most of the 20th century. Wars would come and go, generations from rise and fall, but Little Rascals was always around. For this reason, the sight of Alfalfa with his one strand of hair spiking up or Spanky with his patented attitude or Buckwheat with his afro have become instant symbols of American nostalgia — the kind of elements in popular culture that comfort us when we see them. The show is still funny, and its familiarity is soothing.

If you’re a fan of The Little Rascals (aka Our Gang), then you will be overjoyed to learn that Universal just released a reboot of The Little Rascals called The Little Rascals Save the Day with an all new cast of the Gang and notable Hollywood actors like Marie Barone (who played the hilarious Doris Roberts, Ray’s mother, on Everybody Loves Raymond).

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I had the privilege of watching an advanced copy with my daughter, and not only is it clean, family-friendly, but it’s absolutely hilarious and delightful. She and I both had a blast watching it. Her mouth dropped open in surprise at all the “plot twists.” Although the plot template is one that grown-ups will spot immediately (and know where it’s heading), the creative production value adds a freshness to a very familiar plot. The cute factor that made the TV show so popular is captured in this film as well. The cast of kids relish in their roles, and they’re instantly lovable and charming.

One thing that, as a grown-up who is a devoted film buff, I enjoyed was their emphasis of the 1920s-1930s vibe. Even though it is clearly set in the modern day — with clear shots of iPhones and Humvees — there is a deliberate vintage look: derby and bowl hats worn by the kids, old timey costume styles, Keystone cop ethos in line deliveries from villains and some of the action sequences, and vintage style set pieces carefully made to blend with the modern world. It brings the nostalgia factor up to the max, and for this reason I especially enjoyed this film. It feels like a walk down the memory lane of the happier, sunnier side of American 20th century culture. It’s fantastic

I also loved all the whacky/cool machines that the Gang would build to accomplish their various schemes — from wild taxis to pet grooming machines that send dogs down assembly belt lines.

The bottom-line: if you’re a fan of The Little Rascals, do not miss out on The Little Rascals Save the Day. You’ll have fun watching it with your kids.