The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Another Powerful Redemption Tale?

Writer Kevin Ott At Rocking Gods HouseToday (March 19) Sony Pictures released the final trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Frankly, it’s looking pretty awesome. I was a fan of the first movie, The Amazing Spider-Man, for two reasons: 1) its pitch perfect casting, which found actors — especially among the supporting roles — who were born to play characters that have become an important part of American mythology; 2) its exhorting themes of redemption and self-sacrifice. American comic book superheroes have always had those uplifting themes, but I thought The Amazing Spider-Man excelled in creating a story that exhorted the audience towards a Christian worldview of self-sacrifi
ce — particularly in the side story involving Denis Leary’s character, Captain Stacy, the father of Gwen Stacy (Peter Parker’s love interest). As the proud father of a daughter, I was moved by the portrayal of sacrificial love that Captain Stacy has for his daughter. Leary, as always, did a superb job in his role as a cynical but goodhearted cop. Casting Martin Sheen as Uncle Ben was another stroke of genius.

The sequel looks to have more superb casting. Jamie Foxx and Dane DeHaan look and act very convincing and compelling in their villain roles. In my opinion, superhero movies live or die by how well the villains are cast and portrayed. If you have an effective villain who doesn’t make people roll their eyes, you have an effective movie. The plot pits Spider-Man against the mysterious and ominous company Oscorp as he digs deeper into the truth surrounding his late father. Will the film look at the father-son relationship in an inspiring way? Will there be more powerful themes of redemption?

I certainly hope so, and I’m looking forward to finding out on May 2 when it comes out.