How To Make A (Great) Living Writing Music! Part Two– Learn Your Trade!

A continuing interview is with TAXI CEO, Michael Laskow.

How long does it take for someone to become successful with TAXI?

“It may take several years to get there, but TAXI has the ability to take you there. Abbie Stancato of Rockin' God's HouseI shake my head every time I hear a story about an artist or band that spends $20,000 on recordings, pressed 1,000 CDs, has great artwork & posters… and they end with 875 CD’s in their basement sitting in boxes that never get opened. Usually the music isn’t that good, the choice of songs could’ve been better, the good songs were not written or produced well, and they ended up putting out a sub-par product. Without the channels of distribution or marketing, they can’t make back their investment… So what do they say, I’ll join TAXI and give that a shot. Then they get angry at us when we tell them the song would be better with a bridge, or if the vocals weren’t so pitchy we’d forward their song. Why didn’t they join TAXI and send us guitar, vocal or piano demos before they finished the songs? Let us help you decide which songs are worth pursuing. “

“The common misconception is don’t join TAXI until you’re good enough… the truth is join TAXI so you can get good enough.”

I asked Michael about the quality of submitted recordings. How good do they need to be? Michael’s response was, “Generally speaking, record labels are looking for great songs and artists. Film and TV people need stuff that is broadcast quality. They’re not going to say wow, I really like your song, you should go back and re-record, and make changes, come back when you’re ready. No, they usually only have a week to find music for their show, at best. When the decision is made, your music must be ready to go.“

“TAXI is a process which helps songwriters focus and improve so eventually they can earn a living doing what they love… which is making music. That is the type of person we want to join TAXI, and that’s the attitude they should have.”

Who can submit music, and what should I do to legally protect myself? TAXI strongly suggests that you copyright your material, and that your name is on the copyright for anything you submit as a member. You cannot submit songs for friends, as a manager or agent. The percentage of ownership is irrelevant; you must be the sole writer, or co-writer to submit.

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