Tatiana DeMaria of TAT Interview (Video)

Writer and Entertainment Journalist Josh Belcher - Rocking God's House (Cropped)At their recent appearance in the Warped Tour, I had the honor of meeting and interviewing Tatiana DeMaria, the female lead singer and guitarist of the punk rock band TAT from London.

Tatiana DeMaria of Punk Rock Band TAT Talks to Rocking God's House (Video)And just a disclaimer: yes, TAT is not a Christian band nor are they connected in any way to the Christian music industry. Here at Rocking God’s House, part of our mission — as stated on our homepage — is to have earnest conversations with celebrities in secular culture about spiritual topics. This doesn’t mean that they agree and endorse everything that we believe, nor does it mean that we agree and endorse everything that they believe. We simply want to engage the culture around us, be good listeners, and have earnest discussions about some deeper topics in a respectful, civil way (something that is sorely missing in our culture, especially with the rampant “trolling” online.)

Check out the video above to see my conversation with Tatiana or check out the video on our YouTube page to also see other recent video interviews.