Stupid Deal Of The Day
Big Saving For Your Church
Musicians Friend Stupid Deal of the Day At Rocking Gods House

Abbie Stancato At Rocking Gods HouseThis is not an advertisement. I want to share a daily opportunity I’ve taken advantage of for many years. This is an alert to those churches in constant search for that next piece of equipment for their praise team, without the big ticket price.

Musician’s Friend offers a daily special called “Stupid Deal of the Day.” These savings are often limited in quantity and duration, and the savings are huge. I’ve been a subscriber for years and I have purchased a piece of equipment about every two months. I have paid literally a fraction of the store sales price on these offers. The discounts are so deep that I’ve had several items I did not like after receiving them, and I sold each item for a greater price every time!

Who Does It Benefit?

These deals offer a wide variety of items: PA systems, recording gear, lighting, instruments, effects, and probably anything else you could think of. Every music director and member of your church’s AV staff should sign up for the daily email.

Act Fast

These deals are offered on their website and posted via email and RSS feed. “The Stupid Deal of the Day” is never offered at the same time each day. I’ve seen them post specials at all hours of the day and night. I recently tried to purchase a guitar effect, but it sold out minutes after I received the email.

Follow this link to sign up for your Stupid Deal of the Day, and pass it along!