“Story in the Stars”
Review: Finding the Gospel in the Sky

Writer Kevin Ott At Rocking Gods HouseThe ancient pagan practice of astrology — something that God clearly describes as idolatrous in the Bible (Jer. 8:2) — was more than just an act of blasphemous idolatry in God’s eyes.

It was an epic defamation of the heavens — a slander of, quite literally, cosmic proportions.

It was a sleight of hand that turned the attention of humanity away from the true purpose of the constellations.

So what was God’s purpose in making the heavens?

To tell the story of His Son.

Story In The Stars Documentary DVD At Rocking Gods House

After seeing “Story in the Stars,” from best-selling author and award-winning filmmaker Joe Amaral, you will never look at the night sky the same again. According to an excerpt from the film’s press release:

…“Story in the Stars” uses biblical, historical and scientific knowledge to reveal how each constellation actually points us back to Jesus, and that the message of salvation is written in the stars for all of mankind to see. This is presented in a way that Amaral believes is not only eye-opening for Christians, but also for people who need to be free from the ties of horoscopes and astrology.

“Instead of looking to the stars for direction, we can look to the One who made those stars,” says Amaral. “For God so loved the world that He designed the universe to reveal the plan of salvation in the stars.”

Using stunning HD time-lapse video of starry nights, high-end animation (with on-screen notations and sleek graphics worthy of a blockbuster sci-fi movie), and a well-researched, methodical step-by-step explanation of the twelve most famous constellations in history (and a few others), Amaral proves how the heavens truly declare the “brightness of [Jesus’] glory,” as we read in Psalm 19 and Hebrews 1:3.

He relies on the Bible from the first point to the last, and he builds a stunning Biblical case to show that:

1) God designed the heavens to communicate something.

2) God, not humanity, named the constellations in the beginning and designed their shapes to convey specific images.

3) God impressed the meaning of those images upon humanity to foretell the birth, death, resurrection, and return of the Messiah — the prophesied Seed of the woman who would crush the head of the serpent (Gen. 3:15).

4) Satan, in an attempt to cover over the glorious story in the stars, twisted their meaning through the idolatrous practice of astrology. Astrology lies about the nature of the stars and convinces people that the heavens are worthy of worship and have the power to influence our lives. But God’s true purpose for the stars was much different: to foretell the coming of the Bright Morning Star — Jesus — and place sign posts in the night sky that point us to Him.

Story In The Stars Documentary At Rocking Gods HouseThe video also provides a jaw-dropping demonstration of state-of-the-art astronomy software that allows users to go back in time and see what the night sky looked like at any point in history — especially Biblical history.

And, without giving any spoilers away, that particular “time travel” segment will send chills up your spine as you see how God has used the heavens — the sun, the moon, and the constellations — as sign posts, cosmic exclamation points, for the most significant events in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus (and ultimately in His return as well).

As an ardent fan of astronomy, I happen to have the same software that Amaral uses to view these “sign posts” in the heavens during particular events in Biblical history. I have tested the assertions he makes — actually going into the software and “replicating the experiments,” so to speak, examining the data and time-frames — and everything he says is true.

This is the real deal, and it will astound you how God has quite literally written the Gospel story into the stars.

You can learn more about the film at the official website. The film is available now, and you can order a BluRay, a digital download, or an illustrated coffee table book at the official website’s store.

MORE ABOUT JOE AMARAL (from his press release):

Joe Amaral is a pastor and itinerant teacher who travels and speaks internationally, teaching on the Hebraic Roots of Christianity for over 12 years. He has his own syndicated television program (“First Century Foundations”) and is the best-selling author of “Understanding Jesus” and “What Would Jesus Read,” both from FaithWords. Amaral has produced several teaching series and documentaries, and his latest project, “Story in the Stars,” combines his love of astronomy with his faith in new and thought-provoking ways. Amaral is available to speak at churches and events.

Connect with Joe here — includes page for his social media, newsletter, and more.