Marvel Universe Live
Storm Shares Her Story

Josh-Belcher-At-Rocking-gods-HouseIf I could hand-pick the coolest thing to witness as a kid, or even as a 32-year-old man, I would pick, hands down, the Marvel Universe Live show, which is touring all over the world and is the first ever live touring Marvel event.

According to press: “It is the largest assembly of Marvel superheroes and villains in one show with movie quality stunts and special effects. The state of the art technology in the show brings the stories to life with the projection mapping and flying system.” Learn more through their website:

Some very fun and interesting facts I learned about the show, according to its press materials:

  • If the truss supporting the show were standing on end, it would be the same height as One World Trade Center in New York.
  • There is enough feeder cable powering the show to run across the Golden Gate Bridge…BOTH ways!
  • It takes more computer power to run the show’s projections than to power a space shuttle.
  • There is enough chain supporting the superstructure (the truss) to connect New York and New Jersey across the George Washington Bridge.

Storm from Marvel Universe Live at Rocking God's House (Chelsea Hough 2)Chelsea Hough, who plays Storm (one of the X-Men superheroes), is a Nashville native who followed her dream to travel on this tour. I was very intrigued to interview a local girl (local for me) who is a part of such an awesome event, and I would like to thank Chelsea personally for the email interview that she granted during her busy touring life as Storm:

What made you decide to audition for Marvel Universe Live, and what do you like about your experiences so far?

My agency, Bloc LA Talent Agency, had sent me an email about an open call for Marvel Universe LIVE! The criteria it had for someone like me was a dancer around 5’10″. I was not exactly that height, but I figured I had nothing to lose. It was something I had never done before, and I was just willing to give it a shot! I had actually almost turned around and went back to my apartment because I was getting lost big time and I was nervous about parking (lol). What a mistake that would’ve been considering I had a blast at the audition!

It was probably one of the coolest auditions I have ever been to. What I remember most was walking out of cirque school so energetic and thrilled that I just had a blast and was not even nervous during the actual audition portion and completely geek-ing out over the fact that Spider-Man’s stunt double was helping out with the audition, as well as the stunt coordinator for the movie… (Although I did not completely realize this until after I had left the audition, leaving me completely relieved because I probably would’ve been incredibly nerve-racked!)

There are so many things I love about being on tour and being a part of this show. For starters, traveling is something I have always dreamed of doing, so being able to do it so soon at the age of twenty is uncanny! I love the sight-seeing, learning my way around town and finding cool, fun things to do in each new city. It has helped me grow as a young adult, becoming more and more independent and self-sufficient, and also just [given me a] love [for] exploring. So far, my favorite places have been where we’ve been able to go go-karting! I have also enjoyed the fact that I get to see family members that I haven’t seen in a while.

Storm from Marvel Universe Live at Rocking God's House (Chelsea Hough 1)As far as doing the show, I love every minute of it. The most rewarding moment though is getting to look out into the audience for curtain call and acknowledging them. Seeing the kids with their faces lit up always puts a smile on my face. The adults get just as excited as the kids do, honestly, and that is so encouraging for me to see. I only hope that each show I do I have inspired at least one child to follow their heart and do what they love.

Do you like playing the character Storm? 

I adore playing Storm. There is something so honoring and so humbling about portraying such an iconic character, especially being one of the very few female characters in a male dominated show. Not to mention being of African-American decent and a dancer within a stunt show. I feel like I have knocked down barriers for so many demographics.

Is it true you are originally from middle Tennessee? What area? And do you have family and friends still there? 

I was born in Van Nuys, California; however, my parents and I moved to Tennessee when I was about three-years-old. I grew up in Nashville, TN, then later moved to Mt. Juliet to attend high school. My immediate family lives in Tennessee, and I am so very excited to spend time with them this week, as well as [with] my friends. Although a lot of my friends live in Tennessee, most of them are off at college; but quite a few of them have promised to come into town to come see the show, so I am very excited about that!

Storm from Marvel Universe Live at Rocking God's House (Inside Loki's Lair)What can people expect when they come see Marvel Universe Live? 

You will get to see some of your favorite super heroes and villains battling against each other in efforts to obtain the cosmic cube, “the source of ultimate power.” With its original storyline and movie quality stunts such as pyrotechnics, a full body fire burn, car chases, flight and motorcycle stunts, you will be on the edge of your seat. Marvel Universe LIVE! — a comic book literally coming to life!

Our site deals with a lot of religious and spiritual topics and in every interview we usually ask a question related to spirituality. Do you consider yourself a religious or spiritual person? 

I used to believe that I was a religious person growing up, but then I realized how strict religions can be and how freely I think. Those two things just don’t work out. I have found that I am a very spiritual person. I believe in a relationship with God and being able to talk to him like I would my mom or a best friend. I actually pray before each show. It is a good way for me to start off with a positive mindset especially with a show that is so physically demanding. It gives me a peace of mind and allows me to focus.