Stellar Kart’s New Album All In

Writer Josh Belcher At Rocking Gods HouseStellar Kart is from Phoenix, Arizona. Their new CD, All In, is full of spirit and depth, and it’s as hot as their hometown in mid-July.

In the days of small records (called 45s) the less popular songs were placed on the opposite (or B) side. All In contains no B side songs. Everything is top notch and possesses the ability to chart. This CD is the complete package. It is the perfect mixture of edgy, extremely melodic, and acoustic rock.

The song list offers songs that tackle important issues, like how we as Christians survive and keep focused in a Hollywood-celebrated world.

The songwriting is phenomenal—as good as it gets. Their songs are so very melodic and are presented in a way where you cling to every word and celebrate Christ while moving and grooving. Full of emotion and energy, and—in the spirit of John Wayne—it’s got true grit!

All In features Adam Agee performing lead vocals, guitar and as primary songwriter, Nick Baumhardt on guitar, Jeremi Hough on drums, and Aleigh Shields on bass.

Three years have passed since the last full-length release from this powerhouse, Christian punk rock, four-piece Stellar Kart. During those three years the band developed over one hundred new songs, built stronger relationships with their families, had a few kids mixed in, and made changes to the line-up. The band displays a strengthened faith and a renewed sense of calling and vision.

The ten songs which comprise All In reflects Stellar Kart showcasing a new depth. A growth both lyrically and musically, while maintaining the wit and fun which has characterized the band since their first release in 2003.

“I’m ten years older now than when I started the band, and I’ve experienced much more life in these recent years,” stated Adam Agee. “And along with my life experiences came forth an abundance of songs. I’ve never written this many songs for an album before. As some of the themes began to emerge, I realized I had a lot to say about God’s faithfulness. We may not understand why we’re going through struggles in the moment, but I believe it will make sense someday.

“There is definitely lots of diversity on this new record: more ballads, straight up rock songs, and of course, some throwbacks to the good ol’ days that is classic Stellar Kart,” Agee explains.

For their latest full-length effort, Stellar Kart teamed up with hit producer Seth Mosley (producer of MeInMotion, Newsboys, and Audio Adrenaline). Agee explained, “I was really excited when our management team suggested working with Seth Mosley on this new album, because he’s been a good friend for years. And having the chance to make music with your friends makes the experience that much better!”