Sophie in a panic asks…

Sore Throat, No Cough Drops, and Singing Tomorrow!

I’m freaking out because tomorrow I’m singing in front of a lot of people, and my throat hurts bad! I can’t sing most of the notes! Please help! And don’t say there is nothing I can do. I’m begging you!
A Good place to start – Drink….. LOTS of Water!!!. Do your best to prevent from clearing your throat from the congestion. Place hot water in the sink, place a towel over you head and use the steam to clear you up. Tomorrow, take a hot shower, the steam will help. Do vocal warmups in the shower… Sing softly and depend upon your diaphragm.
Your paranoia is going to tell you to sing hard and keep testing your voice… Don’t listen to it. It is not going to make you any more ready, it’s only going to stress you out! I sometimes use sugar free menthol cough drops, they may help before you sing. BTW… Do not ever do the Whiskey, Lemon and honey prescription I often hear others suggest. Alcohol is TERRIBLE for your voice. Never drink and sing if you want a long term career as a vocalist.
Good Luck!