Sidewalk Prophets – Preparing For “Merry Christmas To You” Christmas Tour!

Josh Belcher At Rocking Gods HouseIt all started for Sidewalk Prophets while attending Indiana’s Anderson University. Their demo was entered into a college campus contest without their knowledge. As a result the group won a spot that gained them radio and record label attention. Their presence in the contest also resulted in a chance encounter with Will McGinnis of Audio Adrenaline. He gave the band a chance to perform before an audience of 20,000. All these opportunities set Sidewalk Prophets up for success while they toured with the likes of Jeremy Camp and Audio Adrenaline, and then landed them a record deal with Word Records. Sidewalk Prophets are on a God-driven and blessed run throughout the Christian contemporary music industry with no signs of stopping!

While the Sidewalk Prophets call Nashville, Tennessee, their home, they are currently on an extensive tour promoting their current CD Live Like That, while migrating into the “Merry Christmas to You” tour beginning November 30 in Tyler, Texas.

They are continuing to find success thanks to the collaborative songwriting of lead vocalist Dave Frey, and co-founder, rhythm guitarist Ben McDonald. The band also features lead guitarist Shaun Tomczak, bass player Cal Joslin, and drummer Justin Nace.

I caught up with them at a show recently and had the opportunity to ask Dave Frey some questions:

Congrats on the band’s Dove Nomination for song of the year! Did you expect “Live Like That” to have such a response?
I was so honored to have “Live Like That” mentioned alongside such awesome songs. Many of the songs up for “song of the year” have impacted my life, and to hear that our song is having the same kind of impact is just another testament to how God moves and blesses my life. It really is a song dedicated to trying to live a life like Jesus lived. Being on the road and hearing how God has changed the lives of others through our song makes the long hours of travel worthwhile.

The band is playing a free show in Nashville today for the K-Love Make A Difference concert. How did this project come about?
K-LOVE is such an amazing station, and their dedication to helping local communities is exactly what Christ calls us to do. They don’t just play music; they reach out, lend a hand, and change lives. We offered our services to do whatever we could do in their endeavor to help the Nashville community. They decided that a celebration would be in order and asked us to play a night of worship for the entire Nashville community. We are honored and excited to oblige.

The members of Sidewalk Prophets have a deep appreciation for the fans and it shows in all your projects. Do you credit interaction with your fans for why you are so successful and have such a positive following?
Our fans are our brothers and sisters in Christ. Their blessings have kept us on the road for almost twelve years now. We rode in a van for ten years, and now we get to sleep in a bus thanks to fans. We hear stories that keep us inspired. We meet people that move our hearts, and we are always, always honored to hear what God is doing in the lives of friends, old and new. I do believe that our fans show us glimpses of Jesus every day, and those glimpses keep our eyes fixed on Christ.

Who are on tour with right now, and how are the shows going?
Matthew West and Jason Castro on the Into the Light tour. It’s a great reunion; we previously toured with Matt and Jason on Winter Jam. We are ready to rock!

What is your favorite Bible verse?
James 1:2: “Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trails of many kinds.” That verse has got me through a lot of battles in life.