Seventh Day Slumber – Father and Son Bond as 11 Year Old Prodigy Takes the Stage!

Josh Belcher of Rockin' God's HouseSeventh Day Slumber – Father and Son Bond as 11 Year Old Prodigy Takes the Stage

I recently attended a Seventh Day Slumber benefit concert show in Columbia, Tennessee. The day before the show drummer Jamie Davis was admitted to the emergency room where he was diagnosed with diabetes. He is an amazing drummer, and we pray for his well-being.

Genesis 50:20 teaches us that God can make good from things that go bad. Seventh Day Slumber needed a drummer who knew the set and could play the benefit on an “I need someone yesterday” notice.

Up to the plate steps Blaise Rojas, the eleven year old son of lead vocalist Joseph Rojas.

I spoke to Blaise as he was setting up the drum kit. To my amazement, he wasn’t nervous; he was a young man on a mission who knew what he had to do. His father, Joseph, told me that Blaise plays one song on drums with the band every night and had been raised on a tour bus. His son knew the songs, and he delivered!

During the sound check he held his own, staying in the pocket, keeping time, and rocking with all he had—shaking the entire place and foundation! He was living the dream. I even caught him doing tricks with his sticks, resembling Tommy Lee in his prime!

“Blaise also has type one diabetes and knows what it’s like to deal with it,” explained the proud father mid-set, as he introduced the band.

What a proud moment for the dad who is the front man of the phenomenal rock band that is Seventh Day Slumber. Joseph can call on and reply upon his son if he ever needs a drummer. I discovered that Blaise is not your average drummer; he is a drumming prodigy! As the Bible says in Isaiah 11:6: “and a … child will lead them.”

If you were to close your eyes you would sense a mountain of a man pounding away on the drums at center stage; however, when you open your eyes, you would see a kid with a huge heart and a very proud father.