Sean Spicer – A Musical Troubadour of the Christian Music Industry

Who is Sean Spicer? Many admirers of his style refer to him as “A Guitar Player’s Guitarist.” He is one of the most melodic, heartfelt guitar players in the Christian industry. He is a guitarist so talented, he is not afraid to stand with guitar alone to entertain and amaze his audience. He’s not flash and technique; rather he is a pure translation of heart to strings. His Josh Belsher of Rockin' God's Houseusage of guitar effects are tasteful, not dominating.  His music is the perfect mix of electrical chemistry.

Sean is one of the only faith based guitarists ever to be featured in the coveted magazine which aims directly at the guitar connoisseurs of the world. Sean discusses in the issue his award winning instrumental album “Olive Tree.” The article featuring Sean can be found in the May 2013, edition of Guitar Player Magazine. This is an issue which boasts none other than Jerry Cantrell of Alice in Chains fame on the front cover.

Sean blends a myriad of genres and influences into his faith-based music. His greatest influence is Alex Lifeson of the Canadian band Rush. Both are from Toronto with styles that sound almost separated at birth. His influence of Alex can be heard in the acoustic masterpiece titled “Perseverance.”

Sean’s most unique instrumental piece, which In my opinion best defines his unique talent and style, is an instrumental titled “Grace.” This song is raw emotions translated to guitar.

Sean Spicer is truly a musical troubadour. Having much success as a faith based guitar phenom, Sean has his hands full with “City of Peace Media & Films,” and an upcoming motion picture project called “The Identical.” “The Identical” is a faith-friendly film to be released in the Fall of 2013. Sean appears as a roadhouse musician in it. The Identical features several superstars of the box office such as Ray Liotta, Ashley Judd, Seth Green and Joe Pantoliano. The Identical features 30 original songs spanning three decades of styles written specifically for the film. For updates on The Identical, go to the movie page on IMDB.

Sean is not timid about sharing his enthusiasm about his label. He said, “City of Peace Media (Label) is not just about music, but has a sister company called City of Peace Films. What I really enjoy about this company is they are focused on not just catering to the music or entertainment industry vets, but also  the new comers trying to make their way into the entertainment industry. It’s a great thing when a Founder, President and CEO of a Company such as Yochanan Marcellino is willing to assist in guiding the dreams of musicians and entertainers. He provides a positive foundation for everyone on his label.”

Sean discovered City of Peace when Singer/Songwriter Jordan Elias was looking for a touring guitarist to help promote his live album “Desert Cry.” Sean explained, “They saw me play at a conference in Pennsylvania, we kept in touch, eventually I auditioned and got it. I started playing with Jordan, started a side instrumental project, and got picked up by City of Peace.

City of Peace recently coupled Sean alongside the talented and lovely Tilly Cryar on a song titled; “A Thousand Generations.” It has a really smooth jazzy groove and reminds me of Norah Jones meets Jesus in a Fusion atmosphere. You can really get lost in the groove on this track. I recommend you check it out!

Sean is currently writing and performing with folk rocker Judy Paster, doing studio session work,

and recording Christmas songs with singer / songwriter, Charla Rainey. Finally, Sean’s preparing for the grand opening of his personal “Master of Guitar” Online Training School, where he will be offering lessons in a variety of methods via Skype. If you’re a guitar player, be sure to sign up for Sean’s free e-zine called “Advice for Guitar Heroes” at the Sean Spicer website.

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