Sean Spicer: Tour Support for
the Film Soundtrack “The Identical”

Abbie Stancato At Rocking Gods HouseSean Spicer, a previous writer for Rocking God’s House, recently completed a road tour to promote the soundtrack of the movie “The Identical.” The Identical featured Ashley Judd, Ray Liotta, Seth Green, and film star Blake Rayne.

Sean, how was the tour?

I gained some really great experience, met some great people. It was neat to be on a tour bus. I wasn’t just doing a band tour, I was promoting the entire soundtrack to a movie.

How did you present the soundtrack to audiences, and where did you perform?

We showcased everywhere from the Troubadour in California, to the The Nashville Film Festival (in association with City of Peace Films). Over the summer of 2014 we played all over the Northeast United States at the Acra Races. We didn’t play to the movie, just presented the soundtrack. Our job was to create an awareness of the movie. The fuel for the movie was the music. The music was a big part of “The Identical.” We had three interchangeable acts who traveled with us. The Morph Kings, Darcey & Mo, and Blake Rayne. The tour ended with the released in September of last year. The DVD of “The Identical” was just released last month.

Was Blake Rayne present?

Yeah, he had his own musical career, and was the final, or main act.

The performance covered a multitude of decades from the ’50s up to the ’70s. Darcey & Mo represented rhythm and blues. Blake offered the rock-a-billy of the Elvis era. The Morph Kings, performed ’70s genre music. It was sort of like Bad Company meets Eagles, meets Led Zeppelin, meets The Who. I played guitar in all three of them. It was a blast covering all those genres — I loved doing it. The greatest thrill was that I loved the music and the movie.

When can we expect your next project?

Sean Spicer At Rocking Gods HouseAbout a year or two. It’s going to be more of an organic acoustic album. It will contain elements of celtic, a little bit of bluegrass, and some country. The two songs I’ve recorded so far is “Comfort & Peace,” and “Stronger.”  I played mandolin and 6 and 12 string acoustic on them. I also played bouzouki, which is an 8 string Greek guitar on “Comfort & Peace.”

I completed a video at the end of last year called “Stronger,” which was nominated in Canada for Instrumental Song of the Year. I recorded it over the summer. It was produced by Grammy-nominated Todd Lombardo. Todd is awesome. Todd is a specialist in acoustic instrumentation. We recorded them at his studio. He came up with some really creative recording ideas for the songs. For example, I was playing a Martin acoustic, he brought out an old Gibson acoustic, changed the tuning, and then asked me to play the same chords but in different position to give the song a darker contrast, which he panned in the mix. I intend on using Todd for the entire project. The video was shot by an incredible video producer named Rebecca Friedlander.

I’m keeping my eyes open for any big projects that may arise, but for now I’m concentrating on songwriting. I’m planning on a trip back to Canada to work with a Christian artist Kevin Pauls.