Scott Lucas of the Telestials Takes On the World!

Josh-Belcher-At-Rocking-gods-HouseWith all the tumult going on between Russia and Ukraine — and all the tensions between Russia and the US — you would think that Russia would be the last place on the mind of a successful American musician who wants to expand his ministry, right?

Not for Scott Lucas.

Not only is Scott — a member of the gospel group Telestials — working on an interesting new ministry in Russia (as you will read more about below in our interview), but he is embarking on successful careers as a solo performer, actor, entrepreneur, record label mogul, and music video director. He directed the Song of David’s music video for the song “One Step,” and — full disclosure — be sure to check it out because I am the drummer in the music video!  He also recently appeared on Brian Arnold’s TV show: “What an honor to be asked to be on Brian’s show!” said Lucas. “I have known Brian for several years and have been blessed by his ministry. Every time I hear him play the piano I am reminded that with God all things are possible.”

Scott Lucas At Rocking Gods HouseI met Scott — of all places — at that music video shoot, and we became friends almost instantaneously. He has a great attitude and infectious energy about him — he should go by the nickname Captain Charisma. Be sure to visit Scott’s website to get updates and learn more about Scott Lucas and his many talents that are focused towards praising the Lord.

Tell us about your new management agreement with Standing Ovation?

They do a lot of sponsorship stuff with Nascar and and a lot of old school country music artists. Their main deal is sponsorship. They are basically — on my behalf — reaching out to different corporations to get sponsorships because I basically want to do more than music, I want to be able to do some stuff within the communities in which I sing, as well as some stuff outside the U.S. So far we have two trips planned to Russia to work with special needs children and some other different charities as well as back-to-school drives. In order to make that happen we are going to need more income other than what the music brings in, so the corporate sponsors are going help us be able to do that.

What is the latest on your record label Catacomb?

Catacomb now is actually called Blah Blah Blah marketing. We just moved into social media marketing and promotions, so we decided to change directions a little bit.

Would you discuss the TCT network program you are a part of?

I filmed two shows for the show Victim to Victory. It is hosted by Brian Arnold. I sang on each show, and he interviewed [me]. They have a huge reach and are very inspirational. They reach homes via television and the Internet. They have a wonderful website you can check out as well:

[Scott’s second show will air on May 25th at 9:00 pm on Direct TV Chanel 377, as well as several other providers; check your local listings.]

And you are also signed with Southern Song Promotions?

In talking with Jeridith of Southern Song Promotions, I just felt this would be a great fit for this season of my ministry. I am very much looking forward to this next chapter, and I am happy to be working with Southern Song Promotions. I have a true affinity for sharing the Gospel through song. With the promotions and booking services along with our vision and goals to share my ministry, I immediately knew that I had found a missing puzzle piece with Southern Song Promotions. I am also currently booking for some upcoming events called “Refuel,” which will feature music, laughter, and hope — as well as other events.