Interview with Sarah Anthony of The Letter Black: Their New Album Rebuild!

Josh Belcher At Rocking Gods HouseThe Letter Black have a new album. It’s called Rebuild. The album was slated to be released last April but was postponed after the band’s unanimous decision to write three extra songs for the collaboration. Formed in 2006 in Uniontown, Pennsylvania — formerly called Breaking The Silence — husband and wife duo Sarah and Mark Anthony started the band as a praise team for their local church. Eventually going from a duo to a complete rock outfit and getting discovered and signed by Tooth and Nail Records, the band changed their name to The Letter Black. The band stays insanely busy playing well over 150 dates a year and sharing the stage with such bands as Skillet, Decyfer Down, Red, Hawk Nelson, and Thousand Foot Krutch.

The Letter Black has a full plate with a new album release, a new single, and a music video for the song “Pain Killer,” not to mention several scheduled tours for the rest of the year and beyond. This train is full steam ahead with no signs of stopping. Despite this hectic schedule, Sarah Anthony, the front woman of the band, spared a few moments to chat about her journey with the band:

Rockin’ God’s House: How is the tour coming along with Pop Evil?

Sarah: Actually today is our first day. We are in Michigan, the tour ends before Thanksgiving. We will be able to be home for about a week and then we go back out on the road.

Rockin’ God’s House: What is it like being in a band with your husband?

Sarah: It’s awesome, we love it. We couldn’t imagine doing it without each other because of the way we travel. We are definitely blessed to be able to go through everything together instead of just a phone call at the end of the day or a text.

Rockin’ God’s House:: How did you come up with the name “Rebuild” for the new album?

Sarah: As a band it is what we have been going through. We have had a lot of changes and growth — growing up. We have been going through a rebuilding phase in our lives and our relationship with God.

Rockin’ God’s House:: The album was postponed because you decided to add three new songs to the album. What made you decide to do that?

Sarah: We were really happy with what was going to be the final cut. But then we had a change of management, and the new management company heard a song we had from 2008. It was a demo, and they thought it was amazing. We didn’t really like it, but they did, so we went in the studio and recorded it, and that song is called “Painkiller” which is our single right now. They saw its major potential while we didn’t; and while we were in studio we ended up writing two new songs. Those songs were “Breakout” and “Found.”

Rockin’ God’s House:: The song “Pain Killer” is awesome! Can you tell us the story behind he music video?

Sarah: We can’t take any credit for that. The whole idea was the Directors idea and she (Tanya Dahl) came up with the concept. She came up with the concept of being trapped and being stuck and unhappy and being controlled and through the love of God you get out and overcome. The song is about how people turn to drugs or alcohol to numb the pain that they are feeling inside. The song says “Kill the pain in the name of love.” It’s about being trapped, and then escaping — in an artistic way.

Rockin’ God’s House:: I noticed on your website that with your bundle package you write a personal note to your fans. What made you decide to do that?

Sarah: Yes! Here is where I am coming from: if they don’t support us, come see us, and buy our record, we would not have any way of continuing. If we don’t have them, we don’t exist. And I am not one of those people who thinks we are awesome and we don’t need anyone. No one in the band is. We love to stay very connected on a personal level with our fans. I know as a fan of music myself, I would love if somebody I liked did that for me. So I thought it was a really good idea to be able to offer that. I like to put a smile on someone’s face. I really enjoy it!

Rockin’ God’s House:: You are considered in most Christian rock circles to be the hottest woman in Christian music. How does that make you feel?

Sarah: It’s hilarious because of things like Revolver Magazine; they have had me as hottest chick in Metal, and I have been in a calendar. That is really really nice, but the fact of the matter is there is always going to be a new hottest girl. But I am definitely not letting it go to my head because beauty is fleeting, and I care more about what people see of me on the inside. I appreciate it, and I am thankful for it. I certainly don’t say I hate it. It makes me feel good, but I don’t think about it too much.

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