Preacher Alan Robertson, Duck Dynasty’s Black Sheep!

Josh Belcher of Rockin' God's HouseIn this, the fourth season of Duck Dynasty we meet a new character on the show. Alan Robertson, the oldest son of the Robertson clan. A devoted preacher, an avid hunter, and the only one in the family without a beard. His brother and CEO of Duck Commander Willie Robertson calls him the “Black Sheep” of the family, giving his beardless persona as the only viable reason why.

Yet Alan is anything but a Black Sheep. He has spent his adult life giving love & honor to God and serving his people proudly. Alan officiated the wedding of his father and mother, Phil and Miss Kay, in this season’s first episode “Till Ducks Do Us Part,” since they did not have a church wedding forty-eight years ago; they had gone before a justice of the peace. Alan was one of Phil’s earliest employees at Duck Commander, which has been the institution for duck hunting since its inception in 1972. Even though he is the oldest Robertson brother, most Duck Dynasty fans may have never heard of him. And Alan decided to come at the perfect time. A record breaking audience of 11.8 million viewers watched the season four premiere for his debut—the largest audience for a non-fictional show on cable television!

Alan jokes that he is responsible for the large ratings bump, but the truth of the matter is that he and the rest of the Robertson Family give all the glory to God. An interesting fact about Alan, he leads dozens of Duck Commander employees in the company’s weekly devotion. The workers show up an hour early for this weekly ritual.

I interviewed the little known elder Brother. He is an interesting fellow to say the least, and I am excited to learn more about him and the rest of the cast of Duck Dynasty every Wednesday night.

Alan, what made you decide to finally join the show?

“After a year on the sidelines and working into my 22nd year of full-time ministry, my wife Lisa and I prayerfully decided to move back to Duck Commander. We wanted to help the family deal with this juggernaut called Duck Dynasty. At first we helped with the increased demand at our family business, Duck Commander, but eventually we were asked to appear on the show, which has been a blast. Lisa and I were on our old show, Benelli Presents Duck Commander on The Outdoor Channel, so we did have some experience in front of the camera. It has been fun being a part of all of the opportunities to interact with our fans, as well.”

Why don’t you have a beard like your brothers?

“Well, I do grow one most hunting seasons, but I shave it off like they all used to before the success of our old show and now, DD. I don’t really want to start down the slippery slope that my brothers are on. First you stop shaving, then you stop cutting your hair, then you stop wearing deodorant, then bathing is optional, and clean clothes have no appeal, etc., etc. The next thing you know, you are living under a bridge! So I decided to just keep shaving and not wind up under a bridge.”

Whites Ferry Road (WFR) Church is mentioned a lot in the Duck Dynasty show and in the books. What is your role at the church?

“I was the co-senior pastor, but now I am just one of the leaders there, along with Dad. I still preach every other month or so. Since I am unpaid, I tell the church when I preach and they don’t like the message, ‘They get what they pay for!’ The church is a very important part in all of our family’s lives. We all love being a part of our WFR Forever Family. Lisa and I are still involved with couples and marriage ministry. This has been a passion for us for many years and we are working on a marriage book about our own love story that God has seen us through over the past twenty-eight years.”

Being a Church of Christ, I would assume there is no music, but do you guys sing at church?

“We all love to sing, especially Uncle Si. What he lacks in talent, he more than makes up in heart and spirit. Missy and her kids are really talented, and Sadie, Will and Merrit also sing well. Growing up singing a capella, we all harmonize well and sing parts. Traveling all over the country speaking, we also enjoy music and worship as well. The Robertsons definitely love praising God.”

What made you decide to become a preacher?

“I really wasn’t sure what I wanted to do when I went to preaching school (with Jase, by the way) at age twenty-three. I really just wanted to study the Bible and see if I had what it took to do ministry and preach. Some of my mentors at our church saw something in me that I didn’t really see, but I guess they were right. I was very nervous early on about being in front of crowds, but I realized later that the feeling was really more the awe and responsibility to be a spokesman for the Almighty. I SHOULD be nervous about that, but I have used that as energy through the years to stay excited and energized when bringing a message. I miss the regular in depth study the most since I went back to work at Duck Commander.”

Do you enjoy hunting as much as the other members of your family?

“I love to hunt. It is a great place to experience God’s creation and also enjoy great fellowship with my family. We have solved many of the world’s problems in a duck blind. We have also preached a lot of sermons, shared the gospel to many unsaved people, and had more than a few debates. Duck hunting is very communal and action packed, which is one of the reasons we have all loved it so much. I don’t go every day—like Dad, Jase and Si—but I go a lot now that I am back with the company and am looking forward to a great season this fall.”

Have you had the opportunity to baptize any of your fans from the show?

“We baptize people every Sunday at WFR. Many of them have been fans who came to WFR to get baptized because of the influence of the show, and from watching our family. We are thrilled to be a part of this important decision for so many people. We also realize the great spiritual opportunity we have been given to share the good news with so many who don’t know Christ.”

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