Porter Ridge – From The Makers of Duck Dynasty… TV With Christian Family Values!

Josh Belcher of Rockin' God's HouseToday I got to speak with the real life Grizzly Adams. He resides in a beautiful pioneer-esque log cabin home in Spencer County, Indiana, and he has eight roommates—all Bears!

His name is Jeff Watson, or Jeff: The Bear Man as he is known on his the new hit television series Porter Ridge. The show, now airing on The Discovery Channel, was launched by Gurney Productions, the same company that created Duck Dynasty. Porter Ridge is a brand new show and it is worth watching. It is set in the rolling hills of Spencer, Indiana. Spencer is located in southern Indiana, not far from Bloomington (the home of Indiana University). It has a population 2,328 (0% urban, 100% rural).

The television series got its name from the location of a junkyard located on Porter Ridge Road owned by Terry Porter.

“No mayor, no cops, no city council” exclaims Jeff Porter, narrator of Porter Ridge. Jeff notes it is one of the few places where you can have bears as pets. Terry Porter is the center of the television show and proprietor of Country Auto Parts. However, I sense that The Bear Man is emerging as the main attraction. Jeff and his truffle hunting bears never have a dull moment.

Porter Ridge is clean, wholesome television. I compare it to The Dukes of Hazard meets Mayberry. Jeff and I discuss the origin of the series and what adventures lay ahead in this unique (and not exactly normal) interview conversation.

Jeff, how many bears do you have?
I have eight brown bears or grizzly bears. I’ve had them from cubs to full grown.

How did Porter Ridge become a television series?
Scott Gurney, the creative force behind Duck Dynasty got us started. I emailed him about the similarities of our fair community, and got an email back in four minutes and forty five seconds!

Porter Ridge states the code of life is simple: Respect the Lord, love your family, and have each other’s backs. Who came up with that?
Terry Porter did. He’s the focus of the show. Terry owns Country Auto Parts, and he really loves the Lord.

What is a truffle hunting bear?
Sorry, that’s a secret.

You guys are bringing old school values back to television, something people seem to be wanting more of. Is that the goal of the show?
We hope to reach Christian people with family values as well as a lot of other people. Terry and I want a different kind of show with a lot of Mayberry and Dukes of Hazard, mixed with Little House on the Prairie, which made me [Jeff] cry the last time I watched it.

Porter Ridge can be seen only on The Discovery Channel every Tuesday 10:30/9:30 Central Time.