Observing God’s Truths In the Science of Sound

A Sonic Picture of Perfection

Observing Biblical Truths In the Science of Sound at Rocking God's House

Writer Kevin Ott At Rocking Gods HouseThree questions:

One. Can you imagine God placing a little picture of His perfection in the mechanics of sound waves — specifically the seven-note musical scale that millions of music students practice every day around the world?

Two. Did you know the number seven appears in the Bible in a way that’s most often associated with God’s perfection? I mentioned a few examples in my post “Does God Do Things in Sevens?

Three. Did you know that the number eight in the Bible is most often associated with new beginnings?

Some examples:

The Number Eight in the Bible

  • Abraham circumcised Isaac when he was eight days old. Circumcision, as the NT explains, is a physical sign of a spiritual reality: our newness in Christ that removes the old nature from our hearts.
  • Eight people emerged from Noah’s ark to repopulate the earth. If that’s not a new beginning I don’t know what is.
  • Eighth day circumcision continued into the Mosaic covenant and endured throughout Jewish history. The pattern of the eight day depicting newness continued unabated.
  • David was the eighth son of Jesse; he brought newness to Israel as the first king to conquer Israel’s enemies and bring the Ark back to its rightful place.
  • Solomon was the eighth son of David; he brought newness to Israel as the first king to build the temple using the blueprints and revelation that God had given David…

Whether or not you agree with the overall point above, you can’t blame people for seeing a common link between the number eight and the concept of spiritual newness in the Bible.

I think it is fascinating, therefore, that in the laws of sound there are seven notes in the scale, and the eight note — the perfect octave above the starting note of the seven-note scale — marks the beginning of a new scale. This is a natural occurring phenomenon in the laws of sound. In other words, God designed this seven-note pattern with the eighth note as a new beginning. He programmed it into Creation. Therefore, in the very principles of sound waves, we see seven associated with perfection/completion (seven notes complete a scale), and we see eight associate with new beginnings.

Let me dive into the science behind the octave principle and the harmonic overtone series to further prove my point…

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