Kevin Ott - Editor and Writer for Rocking God's House (small)This might seem a little off topic for an introduction to a review of “The Dragon King,” but bear with me: many years ago I read a book called “Back to Jerusalem: Three Chinese House Church Leaders Share Their Vision to Complete the Great Commission.”

The book had a fascinating introduction about the history of China. And it brought forth astounding evidence that the oldest roots of ancient China displayed a distinct belief in a deity who bore a striking resemblance–if not a spot-on match–to Elohim, the God of the Bible.

Ever since then, China has deeply fascinated me. I have always wanted someone to write a book that explored this mysterious past within China’s ancient religious heritage and its bedrock connection to the God of the Bible. The thought that ancient China had, at one time, worshiped the same God as the Jews (whom the Chinese called “Shang Di” in “The Dragon King”) is striking.

Besides that aspect of China’s religious history, I’ve always wondered how ancient China fit into the rest of ancient history. Did China know about ancient Babylon? Ancient Greece? Ancient Israel? Did they ever interact?

Brian Godawa and Charlie Wen’s novel The Dragon King: First Emperor of China (Chronicles of the Watchers Book 1), is the first book in his new series The Chronicles of the Watchers, and it dives into everything above–everything about China that I have always wanted to see in a novel–with enlightening, well researched detail. And it happens in an exciting adventure that unfolds with good pacing and a cinematic-like flair. Besides an immersion into the mysteries of ancient China–which includes depictions of ancient martial arts (another favorite topic of mine)–Godawa brings in an interesting angle on the world he brought to life in The Chronicles of the Nephilim. The Nephilim series looked at the war between the line of Christ (the seed of the Woman) and the armies of the Enemy (the seed of the Serpent). The Watchers series takes a broader view and looks at the spiritual conflicts happening on a global scale between ancient Gentile nations and the “Shining Ones” who tried to become gods and turn humanity away from the one true God. But Yahweh has always had a plan for the Gentiles, to redeem them and deliver them from spiritual darkness. “The Dragon King” reminds us of that plan with vivid emotional detail.

In fact, it reminds us that God has always been at work among the nations to draw them away from the “blood of Babel” that runs in all of our veins and bring us back to Him.