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Founded by Abbie Stancato in 2007, Rockin’ God’s House was initially created by Ecumenic Entertainment Incorporated for the promotion of Christian music and new Christian artists. While music and praise/worship is still a big emphasis, it has since expanded to include the entire spectrum of Christian community with a special emphasis on creativity and personal growth in Christ.

The Word says that all things were made through Christ (John 1:3) and that the qualities of the Creator have been embedded and made discoverable in creation (Rom. 1:20)–especially in its original design as God meant it to be.

In other words, the universe is full of sign-markers that point to Christ. His fingerprints and His story are like Easter eggs hidden in Creation itself. From constellations to the laws of sound that govern music to the person sitting next to you on the bus who has been made in the image of God, if you look and listen carefully enough, you will find traces of Christ. His fingerprints are on everything, and the universe itself is a metaphor for Someone beyond what we can detect with our five senses.

Our Vision is to help Christians use creative thinking techniques to see the beauty of Christ more often and more vividly in their lives-in the physical world around them, in their relationships, churches, and jobs, and in the problems, successes, sorrows and joys of life.

And, as it turns out, the tools involved in creative thinking really work well in uncovering new treasures all around us that reveal more of Christ. And the topics of entertainment and culture–movies, music, and books, both secular and Christian–are great launching points for this grand treasure hunt.

A quick word on secular entertainment: we believe that non-Christians, because they’re made in God’s image, can demonstrate God’s traits in their creative work whether they intend to or not. While we still strongly believe that a person must freely choose Christ to have a relationship with Yahweh and receive His gift of eternal life (John 3:16), this doesn’t mean we can’t find inspiration and revelation in the works of non-Christians. For this reason, we take the creative work of non-Christians seriously, and we look for the good in it.

At the end of the day our hearts burn with one desire: to pursue Christ and know Him better. Our definition of “success in life” is simple: a fulfilled life is not about finding unbroken happiness, but unbroken longing–a fervent, Christ-focused longing.

Our foundation: We write from an orthodox Christian worldview. We try not to gather around peripheral, non-essential arguments that divide. We prefer to gather around the Cross and around the essentials, such as the Nicene Creed. For this reason, our readers will come from many denominations, but they will have Christ in common.

The result: We hope that our articles, podcasts, and videos will help you enjoy a deeply intimate, more fulfilling walk with God.