Lacey Sturm Bravely Bares Her Soul…
In New Book

Josh-Belcher-At-Rocking-gods-HouseIf you love rock music, whether Christian or secular — or both — you are sure to know the band name Flyleaf. This multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated group gained powerful, influential favor in both Christian and secular markets; and when they crossed over to secular, their songs maintained the mission of spreading the love of Jesus through the power of pulsating rock music.

In 2012 when Lacey decided to leave the band, questions and rumors started to surface. Why hop off the train at full speed, so to speak? She played such a pivotal role in music, and now she is leaving for what reason? A solo career? To be a parent full time?

Lacey Sturm How I Discovered A Life Worth Living At Rocking Gods HouseIt is all covered in her new book The Reason: How I Discovered a Life Worth Living, which is available now, and you can get it at Amazon here.

Every chapter explains the reason for everything she has done up to this point: from atheism, to having a girlfriend — yes, as in being in a lesbian relationship — to finding God, becoming the founder of Flyleaf, and to death, sadness, childhood, parenthood, and saying goodbye to the music she started. It is all covered. She holds nothing back, and her heart is on every page of the book. I hope I could one day have that much courage to share my deepest, most vulnerable thoughts and emotions for anyone who wanted to know about them.

Lacey and I are close in age, so I also found the book very relatable — like a whole chapter dedicated to Nirvana! I was overjoyed to find another Christian, and Lacey Sturm no less, who related to the music of Nirvana as she was growing up in the same way that I did.

In the few years since her departure from Flyleaf, Lacey has certainly made the most of her time. Not only has she been taking the role of motherhood very seriously and wholeheartedly, she has been speaking out and sharing her testimony in a variety of ways.

For example, she is part of The Whosoevers — an organization whose founders include Brian “Head” Welch (of Love and Death and Korn) and Sonny Sandoval (of P.O.D). It is a youth-focused movement designed to influence kids positively through the arts, music, and popular youth activities like skateboarding.

Lacey Sturm Book Interview At Rocking Gods HouseLacey has also partnered up with Billy Graham’s Evangelistic Association, lending her talents to various projects, even recording a song titled “Mercy Tree,” which was featured on Billy Graham’s sermon and film My Hope for America: The Cross.

Much like that film by Billy Graham, Lacey’s book is full of hope and life-giving words. My favorite quote from the book: “He [God] has a plan for everybody here, and it’s all a matter of whether you answer it when he calls you.”

I have been a Flyleaf fan for many years, and I was always amazed at the powerful singing that came from Lacey’s vocal chords within her petite frame. The band has always had powerful thought-provoking lyrics that would draw me in, album after album, song after song.

And now, much to her credit, Lacey is a wonderful author as well. You can get lost in this book. She provides a powerful refresher course in the things that really matter in life, and she gives new meaning to the saying, “It is always darkest before the light, and a new tomorrow is right around the corner.”