Kutless Drummer Kyle Peek Talks about the New Album “Glory”!

Writer Josh Belcher At Rockin' God's HouseKutless, a Christian rock band from Portland, Oregon, has sold over two million records. Since their formation in 1999, they have released seven studio albums and a live album Live from Portland. Their band name is derived from the Bible passage Romans 6:23 — Christ took our beating and paid the wages of our sin. He took our cuts leaving us…”Kutless.”

Kutless has released a lyric video for their new single “You Alone” — which you can view above — from their forthcoming album set to be released next month, February 2014! The song is amazing, upbeat, and uplifting, and it is just a sneak peak of how awesome the new album will be. Honestly, it is already my pick for song of the year! The lyric inspires you to replenish and rekindle your relationship with Jesus Christ. Kudos to Kutless. 2014 is going to be a great ride for this Christian rock powerhouse.

I was able to have a drummer-to-drummer interview with Kyle Peek who, in 2012, replaced Jeffrey Gilbert as the new backbone of the group. Before joining Kutless, Kyle was the drummer of the band for American Idol season 7 winner David Cook. We discussed his transition from American Idol to Kutless, his awesome Truth Custom drum kit he is selling via Twitter, and what lies in store for Kutless after the album release:

Rockin’ God’s House: Tell us about the new album coming out next month?

Kyle: It has been a long process for 2013. We all got together, drove away from our families for a few days and spent some time at a really nice beach house and, collectively, we all just dove into the Word. We wrote several songs that weekend for the record. It was a great experience for us all to write together.

Rockin’ God’s House: Tell us about the new co-headlining tour with Audio Adrenaline?

Kyle: We are starting in late February or early March, and we are trying to add a few more dates as we speak! Expect an awesome tour that is going to be very energetic!

Rockin’ God’s House: How did you transition from being David Cook’s (American Idol) drummer to drumming for Kutless?

Kyle: It wasn’t a quick hand-off. I played for David for three years, and he is an amazing guy. But I had my second child, and I was starting to feel a calling in a different direction. I felt like God was calling me home to spend some time with my wife, my son, and new daughter. I spent a lot more time at church and discovered my true calling, which is ministry. So I did a lot of work at church, but I also needed a job. A youth pastor at church offered me a job as a home renovation consultant, and I was terrible. But, God bless his heart, he was trying to help me so I could work to take care of my family. I also spent a lot of time praying about being in ministry, and I told God if it was never meant for me to play drums again, I understood. A day after my initial prayer, I got a call from James the guitarist of Kutless to try out. Five days later I showed up in Oregon to try out, and it just fit!

Rockin’ God’s House: Are you guys still searching for a bass player?

Kyle: As of now, our merch guy has been filling in as our bass player and doing a fantastic job! He is a really tight fit and solid in the gig.

Rockin’ God’s House: Tell us about “You Alone”?

Kyle: It is the first single from the new album we are about to release in February. The album is titled Glory. It is getting a positive response, and we are dying to get the whole record out!

Rockin’ God’s House: Have you sold your drum kit I saw advertised on Twitter?

Kyle: Not yet; do you want it? It’s a Truth Custom drum set. You can find it on my Twitter and email me if you are interested — kyle@kutless.com. It has been on some West Coast Kutless tour dates! I also toured with this kit when I was with David Cook of American Idol and it has been on a few TV shows!