Korn Guitarist Brian Welch Puts His Star Power Behind Christian Documentary “Holy Ghost”

Writer Kevin Ott At Rocking Gods House

Some big news in both the music and the movie worlds: Korn’s guitarist-turned-Christian Brian “Head” Welch is headlining and introducing the new Christian documentary called Holy Ghost, the fourth film by Darren Wilson and his team at Wanderlust Productions.

Never heard of the movie or of Wanderlust Productions?

Well, Wanderlust describes the film — and what their vision is for film making — this way:

Director Darren Wilson shot HOLY GHOST with no script, no plan, and a single goal—to capture real-life evidence of God’s presence on Earth. As a result, HOLY GHOST is appealing and fresh from start to finish, documenting actual instances of divine healing, miracles and seemingly impossible events in improbable places. Filmed in Salt Lake City, Utah, in Monte Carlo, Monaco, at a Korn concert in Iowa, and in Varanasi, India, HOLY GHOST moves seamlessly at breakneck pace from edgy street ministry to life-threatening encounters to interviews with acclaimed Christian artists like Michael W. Smith and noted recording artists like Lenny Kravitz—keeping the audience engaged without missing a beat.

Brian Welch Holy Ghost Movie At Rocking Gods HouseBrian “Head” Welch will be making the introductions from the Redding Civic Auditorium in Redding, CA, and he will also make a solo musical appearance — which is rare — during the event. He’ll be joining Christian band Jake Hamilton & The Sound for a live performance.

Wanderlust’s strategy for the film is unique. They’re quickly becoming trailblazers. According to a recent press release:

[Wanderlust Productions] is challenging Hollywood’s established business model with the debut of its Kickstarter-funded, faith film for Millennials, HOLY GHOST. This coming Saturday – September 6th – Wanderlust Productions is presenting the HOLY GHOST World Premiere Experience, a live, one-time digital event where anyone in the world can see the film and the event free of charge.

The first time I saw one of Darren Wilson’s films — Finger of God — was life-changing. The documentary featured a guy (Darren) with a simple, calm-voiced curiosity, going around the world with a basic camcorder and witnessing Jesus and His life-giving power do amazing things in people’s lives. And, when I say amazing things, I mean miracles: people’s broken legs getting healed on-camera, a deaf woman in the bush in Africa receiving her hearing instantly — caught on-camera — and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

And then Darren and his team made Furious Love and Father of Lights, two more documentaries with the same vision, and each movie bore tremendous fruit in my walk with Christ after I saw them. Each movie provoked a fresh longing for God, for His Word, for prayer, and for Him who is “able to do exceedingly more than we can ask or imagine,” as the Apostle Paul wrote.

And, from what I’ve heard, Holy Ghost is going to blow people away and change a multitude of lives for Christ.

Darren Wilson had this to say about the film’s premier:

We’re expecting thousands of young people to physically join us in the Redding Auditorium while others simultaneously participate in hundreds of churches, at thousands of HOLY GHOST home screening parties, and in coffee houses, restaurants, and parks around the globe – anywhere where there’s an Internet connection. We are confident that this film and the experience itself will be surprising and richly rewarding for everyone who participates.

According to their site, Holy Ghost was crowd-funded by 2,500 investors who surged to support Director Darren Wilson’s Kickstarter campaign, raising a record-breaking $360,000 in just 45 days to become the #1 most-funded, faith-based film—and the #2 most-funded documentary—in Kickstarter history. Wanderlust Productions is now crowd-promoting and crowd-marketing this film by mobilizing 25,000 of its most deeply dedicated fans through the #HolyGhostExperience campaign.

Here’s the pertinent information for attending the world premier and learning more about the film: