Kickstarter Funded Recording Artists “Carman” and New Film “HOLY GHOST” – How About Your Next Project?

Jillian - Staff Writer - Rockin' God's

Lately, especially in artistic circles, I have been hearing a constant stream of “Kickstarter this” and “Kickstarter that.” I had looked at a few Kickstarter projects that had captured my interest here and there, but within days of each other two amazing Christian projects were brought to my attention. To be fair, both projects would have easily warranted my attention on their own, but the fact that Kickstarter was heavily involved in bringing both of them to fruition really struck a chord with me. Kickstarter is really shaking things up!

Kickstarter is a website that allows authors, musicians, artists, technology developers, and many more, to bring their projects directly to an audience that is interested in contributing, through monetary donations, to their success. The creators of the projects set a monetary goal and a time in which donations will be accepted. Donations are even allowed to exceed the goal, but if the goal is not met, the project will be closed on the site. However, according to the Kickstarter site, 44% of the over 43,000 projects have met their goal! Not too shabby! Kickstarter is a wonderful innovation, and I believe it will continue to help people do and create great things—and as far as Wanderlust Productions, Darren Wilson, and Carman are concerned it already has.

Wanderlust Productions, along with filmmaker Darren Wilson, chose to use Kickstarter to raise money for their film project titled Holy Ghost. I know there are a multitude of factors contributing to the success of this project’s funding on Kickstarter, both divine and mundane, and this project succeeded in a big way. The project received $357,655 from 2,356 backers! This makes Holy Ghost the 11th most funded film in Kickstarter history. It’s important to note that other film projects that Holy Ghost had to compete with on the site have huge Hollywood stars and seriously impressive campaigns. Despite this competition, Holy Ghost has succeeded in reaching its goal, becoming the 11th most funded film, and the #1 most funded Christian film. Holy Ghost will be about one man’s attempt to better understand the Holy Ghost. There are already a multitude of Christian figures who have agreed to give the film their voices and opinions. Darren Wilson and Wanderlust Productions have stated that they know this film won’t answer definitively everyone’s questions about the Holy Spirit, and that is not their goal. What they do want is to get people thinking, asking new questions, and looking at the Holy Ghost from new angles. I think they can do it, and I look forward to seeing Holy Ghost, which starts filming in July.

Carman has Multiple Myeloma Cancer, a disease that causes the body to struggle to get enough oxygen to its red blood cells. It is typically regarded as being nasty and difficult diagnosis. But I’d really like to see you try to tell that to Carman! Carman was understandably down after receiving and announcing his diagnosis, but his supporters, fans, and faith would not let him stay that way for long. Carman is a Christian musician with lots of hits under his belt, including “The Champion,” “Lazarus Come Forth,” and “Sunday’s on the Way.” His songs were frequently quoted back to him by his fans, because they wanted him to feel reassured and inspired—just as his songs had made them feel when they needed a boost. Carman was reminded and bolstered by the idea of how much Jesus was able to accomplish in three years. After reading Carman’s story, I am personally inspired by that thought. If I could do the good Jesus did in one day of those three years, I would feel proud of myself. But where my inspiration is just a sapling in need of constant TLC, Carman’s is a majestic Redwood. He is creating new works, improving his health, and even planning a 60-city tour! With two days left, he has raised $381,148 out of his $200,000 goal! His Kickstarter project has been wildly successful, and I know he will do amazing things with the extra money he has raised.

As a Christian, and really just as a human being who believes in the enormous good we are all capable of, I am so proud that these inspirational projects by Darren Wilson with Wanderlust Productions and by Carman have been met with such enthusiasm and success. There are downsides to the Internet, but God bless it for making things like this possible. Kickstarter is a great site, and is a wonderful place to look for projects and causes that you would like to support, even if you just have a dollar to give. I hope to see an influx of Christian projects on Kickstarter, and I can even see at least one or two coming from our very own site!