Jordan Elias – The Lyrics of a Preacher, The Heart of a Songwriter!

Josh Belsher of Rockin' God's HouseJordan Elias has a unique approach to Christian Music. His unique, almost Cat Stevens-like voice will draw you in, and his lyrics and melodies will have you hooked!

Springtime from Jordan’s album Desert Cry is a tune I thoroughly enjoyed. It reminded me of 90’s alternative rock. It tells about waiting for sunshine, and springtime until the winter falls away. In other words, “Hold out!” for the best and good things will come!

In the music video for “Springtime,” the viewer is taken into the spiritual realm where good and evil take on visible form. You will see the Enemy shape-shift into three different bodies. It appears as a thief, as a killer, and as a destroyer. It is an allegory of the uphill struggle against the spiritual darkness of this age, the answer to overcoming the winter of the soul. The Voice of Hope is calling you to arise as a man of war, or as a woman of valor. Take a stand, draw a line, and look your enemy in the eye. God is calling His people to wait upon Him for “whoever calls upon the Name of the Lord shall be saved!”

The title of the album, Desert Cry, is derived from a pattern found again and again throughout the scriptures. It is the “cry of the prophets,” spanning from Moses, Elijah and Elisha, all the way down the line to John the Baptist and Yeshua (Jesus) himself. These men, called of God, drew away into the desert or wilderness and there, God gave them each the same message for their own generation: “Repent and return to the Lord.”

Many songwriters will structure and construct his or her lyrics for what they think others expect, or they contour their music to be more worship oriented. Jordan is writing purposefully. His lyrics are sincere and from a part of his soul where the message outweighs the commercial structure or norm.

Another great song which stood out is called “Down Down” which Jordan explains is “a call to draw near to the Lord. He is ready to share His heart with you. The Word teaches that God is close to the broken-hearted. When we ask God to break our hearts, we are really asking to get closer to His heart.”

If you want to get to really know Jordan and his faith and how it truly reflects his music, read his blog entitled Submitting to God’s Plan of Sanctification.

Jordan had two previously unreleased songs recently featured on a multi-artist project called iStand With Israel through City of Peace Media. The songs “Beloved” and “Rejoice” are from an upcoming project from Jordan Elias. Check out iStand With Israel on iTunes!

Jordan Elias is the genuine article and a solid man of God. He is the only person I have interviewed who has ever asked to pray with me at the conclusion of the interview. I wish him a life of success. Success on God’s standards, not man’s standards!